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Bars - not fancy

bostonbroad Apr 17, 2008 08:06 AM

I like to get some bar recommendations from all you NY Chowhounds. I know of Pegu, Death &Co, PDT and the like. Also familiar with Zum Gartens (sp). What I'm wondering is, are there any other bars you'd recommend with 1. decent beer selection 2. aren't a scene or super fancy. Borderline dive bars okay as long as they aren't outright scary.

  1. JungMann Apr 17, 2008 11:19 AM

    Check out the German brauhause Zum Schneider, Lederhosen and Lorelei. I used to go to Grassroots Tavern quite a bit when I lived downtown. It's a real dive bar, not an affected theme bar. Prices are reasonable and patrons are friendly. I'm a fan of dba and Blind Tiger with the same caveats about clientele listed above. But the crowds are inevitable in Manhattan. I used to frequent Vol de Nuit for its outstanding Belgian beer selection and moules frites; but then the hipsters and yuppies packed it to the rafters and it became as crowded and obnoxious as any other place on 4th Street.

    1. p
      pellegrino31 Apr 17, 2008 11:10 AM

      Blind Tiger in the West Village has a incredible beer selection. It's definitely not a scene. Gets crowded though, which is the only downside to the place. One of my favorite beer bars in the city.

      Gingerman also has a great beer list and non-scene atmosphere. It's usually busy with an after-work/midtown crowd during the week but I think on the weekends the crowd is manageable.

      The dba rec is a good one too. It's a very good afternoon to late afternoon bar, and the garden in the back is really nice. Though lately it seems like it is becoming a bit more of a frat scene - groups of guys, heavy on the hair gel, hanging out with women drinking Amstel Light. I know Amstel Light has its fans but getting something like that at a beer geek bar just seems wrong to me, but hey they sell it.

      Another place, Spitzer's Corner is in the LES and also has a good list going. I haven't been but have heard very good things from friends who have been there.

      1. m
        mch Apr 17, 2008 08:16 AM

        dba in the east village has a great beer selection-about 250 to choose from. i wouldn't classify it as a dive bar but it isn't your staple frat bar either. i hear they have a garden when the weather is warm. just a good chill place to grab a beer.

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