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Apr 17, 2008 08:02 AM

Restaurant ideas near Academy of Music

Hi, I am taking my 17 yr.old niece to A of M and wanted a nice restaurant that isn't too expensive, and that the menu isn't too exotic for a 17 yr. olds taste buds. Also within walking distance would be nice but not necessary. Thank you in advance.

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  1. There's a Ted's Montana Grill a couple blocks South of the Academy. Across from the Kimmel Center. It's family friendly, American cuisine. Steaks, burgers, fish. Another "safe" franchise around the corner is Buca Di Beppo.

    Estia (Greek/Mediterranean)
    Continental Midtown - hip trendy restaurant/lounge -18th and Chestnut.

    1. I give a vote vote for Estia. Greek with lots of seafood and some lamb dishes. They also have a pre-theater $30 Three Course Prix Fixe. I have eaten here three times, at least, and always been happy with the food. If she likes seafood it should be OK.

      1. I would recommend Ernesto's at 15th and Spruce. Good Italian food, casual atmosphere.

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          I would second Ernestos. I've enjoyed every meal I've had there.

        2. Estia is beautiful. It's fish/seafood - does your niece go for that? The prix-fixe has three choices of appetizer and entree and they aren't all fish, so maybe it would be okay. The price does add up, especially if you have any drinks.

          Ted's Montana Grill is just one block away and would probably be fine. Good service, good hamburgers, and they have plenty of other things on the menu. Onion rings, etc. I think she would probably like it. It's at Broad and Spruce.

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            Estia is great but a bit pricey unless you go prix-fix, but it is worth every penny. They have a varied menu that even appeals to my 12 year old, especially the grilled octopus.

            Personally, I'd pass on Ted's. The last time we were there, the food was either overcooked or tasted like a bad TV dinner that was re-heated. The service was also pretty clueless.

            If you're willing to walk a few blocks west towards Rittenhouse, there are a number of places to try. Alma de Cuba is good and they have ok pizza at Pietro's.

          2. Valentino Ristorante, at 13th & Pine. Fast service for theater/Academy patrons, BYOB, and nice Italian menu. She'll think the second level, with it's hanging grape arbor & fresco walls, is cool. Check it out at

            I think Estia is a little exotic, even with their prix fix menu, for her.

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              Thanks everyone I decided on Ernesto's!

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                Ernesto's is a good choice. I stopped there for lunch for the first time in a year or so before heading down the Broad St subway for the Phillies game on Thursday afternoon. 2 soups were outstanding: the carrot parsnip and the spinach lentil. Also very nice salads.