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Apr 17, 2008 08:01 AM

ISO Good Food in Traverse City,MI area

I'll be going up to Traverse City from Ann Arbor for the first time. I"m looking forward to going to some of the vineyards and wineries up there, however I haven't heard much about the food/restaurant scene.

As a vegetarian, I am picky, so I was wondering if anyone had any good suggestions for places to eat in Traverse City, and the surrounding areas?

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  1. Compared to Ann Arbor, the food scene in Traverse City is abysmal. Lots of chains, lots of same old same old. For vegetarian, try Poppycocks, right on Front Street downtown. Dish cafe, sort of more laid back than Poppycocks is around the corner on Union Street and they may have some good vegetarian stuff. I'll try to think of some more, but right offhand, that's what comes to mind....

    1. I was just in Poppycock's on Monday for lunch. There were so many good things on the menu that I had a hard time picking.....ended up with a whitefish sandwich, itwas a little too greasy for me. My son had the whitefish plate with fresh asparagus and his was wonderful. I would certainly go back. Their desserts looked great and they even had no-bake cookies (which you don't find very often).

      1. Aahh, how could I have forgotten Oryana? They are on 10th Street. Not quite as easy to find, but ask anyone from Traverse City, they will know. They are our local food cooperative and they have a little deli. I haven't eaten there yet, but they would definitely have some great vegetarian fare.

        ...and Grouper is right. Poppycocks has lots of choices and usually it is all very good. You were asking about vegetarian, specifically, and every day Poppycocks has at least one vegetarian special on the board...

        1. Oh my gosh, Traverse City has wonderful restaurants!
          For trendy small plates try 310...during their happy hour, all menu items are really really cheap. It is downtown.
          Also, Amical has great breakfast, lunch and dinners....french bistro style (amazing desserts).
          I have heard great things about Apache Trout....located on the bay just outside of the downtown area.
          On Mission Point Penninsula is The Bowery, which is supposed to be top notch.
          Make sure you hit Chateau Chantal Winery (Mission Point Penninsula).....the most breathtaking views imaginable. Also in the Lealenau Penninsula stop at Black Star Farms....wonderful wines and they have a creamery on premises and I believe the cheese mongers that make the racelette that won the national title is sold there.

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            Umm, I don't think most of those places that you mention are very vegetarian....