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Apr 17, 2008 07:54 AM


Is there any place in NYC I can go to buy Gertels' kosher for passover cookies and cakes, now that the retail shop on Hester is gone?

I've bought some Schick's brand things, and will be at the bakery in the next day or so, but they seem to give you less for the money (and don't have some of my old favorites).

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  1. I know that Avi and Davids carried Gertels products but I dont know if they have any that are kosher for passover.

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    1. re: KosherChef

      You could call them at 212-982-3250 and ask where in NY their passover baked goods are being sold.

      Their main address is 53 Hester St.

      1. re: the5thbeatle

        Gertel's is no longer in Manhattan- they are baking out of a facility in Brooklyn.