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Apr 17, 2008 07:53 AM

Birthday Celebration in Baltimore. Suggestions?

I will happen to be in Baltimore for my 23rd birthday in about month, and I was looking for some suggestions on places to eat/drink/have dessert. On my previous visit to Baltimore (in the late evening and brief visit), I had dinner at the Helmand, which I absolutely love and crave. I am a bit of foodie, so I'm always on the search for good places to go.

I'm open to all suggestions, since I've only been to Baltimore once. Are there any nice bars with a good view?

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  1. The 13th Floor on Biddle between Charles and St. Paul could be a nice place to go for a drink. It's on the 13th floor of the Belvedere Hotel, and it has glass walls so you'll get a panoramic view of the city. It can be a bit noisy there sometimes, because they oftentimes have a band playing. It's also walking distance from the Helmand, in case you end up there or in the Mt. Vernon area.

    1. I recommend the Brass Elephant. Hubby and I recently enjoyed a fantastic Friday evening dinner there. They have a new chef. I wanted to lick the plate. Enough said.
      Also: They have a bar upstairs called the Tusk Lounge. Beautiful space with a lite fare menu. Very nice.
      As the other poster mentioned, 13th floor is fantastic- great views. Not sure about what food they serve, I thought it was more of a bar. In any case, these two places are within walking distance of each other if you want to party all night.

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        In case that wasn't clear, I suggested the 13th Floor as a place for a drink, rather than a restaurant. The Brass Elephant is really nice, but I'm not sure if it's the right kind of atmosphere for a group in their early 20's. I'm 23, and I think of it more as a celebration place to go with my family.

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          I agree that Brass Elephant may be a little sleepy for a 20-something birthday celebration, maybe you'd enjoy Mezze in Fells then some after dinner drinks/dessert at Meli? Not sure how big your party is but maybe dinner at Jack's in Canton then a stroll to the square would be fun too? Enjoy and happy birthday!

        2. If you are considering hitting the 13th Floor for cocktails, eat dinner at Brewer's Art which is practically across the street, has excellent food and offers Baltimore charm - it's located in a beautiful, historic row home. Plus, it gets hopping late at night so you can hang at the front bar or linger downstairs for drinks after dinner.

          Here's the Web site:

          Since you're a self-described foodie, The Bicycle in Federal Hill is an excellent birthday dinner option and you can bar hop afterwards. You won't get the nice views, but you can definitely walk around and hit a few places.

          Since you liked the Helmand, maybe consider one of two upscale Indian restaurants because it's your bday. Either The Ambassador (servers in tux shirts and bowties - can't remember if they wear jackets) or Indigma (for something a little funkier and right in Mt. Vernon) are good options.

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          1. re: SGI

            I went to Indigma and 2 weeks ago and was underwhelmed. Ditto the Brass Elephant. For a young, fun birthday I agree with the Brewer's Art suggestion. You might also like Pazzo (small plates Mediterranean, nightclubby vibe).

            1. re: ko1

              What specifically did you find lacking about Brass Elephant, ko1? Just yesterday afternoon I made reservations there for my dad's birthday tomorrow night. (He's turning 58, no concerns here about the atmosphere not being lively enough.) I thought the menu sounded delicious, and it is often recommended . I'm curious to hear what you didn't like so I can figure out if we should try elsewhere .... Thanks!

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                I liked it years ago but in recent memory have found it bland and the preparation inconsistent. Perhaps they have gotten better. Its been awhile since I bothered eating there except for happy hour in the Tusk.

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                  Oh, I thought you meant you had eaten there within the past few weeks, as you had Indigma. Thanks for the reply. I think we'll give it a shot. The menu looks great.

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                    Sorry, I worded that earlier post poorly. Please report back.

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. Cinghiale might be a good choice. Nice atmosphere. Good wine. Really good food. And if you want to go out afterwards, the bars in Harbor East and Fells Point are not far away.