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Apr 17, 2008 07:29 AM

Downtown St. Louis pre-show dinner

We're going to be attending a show at the Roberts Orpheum Theatre in downtown St. Louis next month (near the Convention Center). We're looking for a place to have dinner before the show. We'd prefer a place that is within walking distance of the theatre so that we can just park and walk from one to the other.

Is anyone familiar with these places:
The Dubliner
Wasabi Sushi
Kitchen K
J.F. Sanfilippo's

Any other recommendations? I've read some negative reviews about Kitchen K but they were a few years old. The Dubliner looks fun from their web site and their menu looks like it has a wide variety. I love sushi, but am always reluctant to try a sushi place that's unknown to me. J.F. Sanfilippo's is in our hotel but I'm always reluctant to try a hotel restaurant. Too many are overpriced with mediocre food. I've heard Mosaic is good, but I'm not clear on how close it is to the theatre. I know the theatre is also next to the Renaissance Grand Hotel, but I stayed there for a work conference and was underwhelmed with the food (An American Place is kind of outside our budget).

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  1. If you examine the various menus on An American Place's website, you will find that they offer a prix fixe three-course option that is under $30 per person before 6:30 p.m. I don't remember if there are any restrictions as to day of the week, but the choices seem to include most of the items offered from their regular menu. Obviously, call first to confirm...

    1. The market menu at An American Place is quite a good value.

      The sushi at Wasabi is very good.

      Consider 10th Street Italian for nice food in a sleek but modest restaurant

      1. I have not had a GREAT meal at the Dubliner...although I like it for beer drinking. Wasabi has great parent's like JF Sanfilippo's but you should try Mosaic! They just moved to a bigger spot on Wash Ave and the food is good. I also second An American Place...there is also Schlafly's Tap Room...good food...great beer!