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Apr 17, 2008 07:15 AM

Italian Sausages - London

Since arriving in London 6 months ago, I am unable to find suitable sausages- or Italian ones. I've tried various types of cumberland sausages, making sure they are at least 85% pork. I've tried various flavored ones from my local butcher. I asked him about Italian sausages, and he looked at me like I was nuts. Then he tried to point me to the cured meats.

Does anyone know of a place to purchase Italian Sausages?
Why does the "regular" sausage taste so different from North American sausages? They just don't seem nearly as flavorful.

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  1. You don't say what area you live in but Camisa & Sons on Old Compton Street in Soho would be a good starting point. I think British butcher's bangers are pretty good, actually, and a lot better than that "breakfast sausage" crap you get in the States, but they aren't as heavily seasoned as Italian ones.

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      I live in Islington, so SoHo isn't too far from me. I'm not interested in breakfast sausages, but more heavily seasoned links (akin to Italian sausages) .

      Thanks for your input. I'll like to head to Just Falafs in Soho, so I'll seek out Camisa while I'm there.

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        Gazzano's is probably nearer for you - it's on Farringdon Rd, opposite The Eagle. While you're in Soho, check out Lina Stores on Brewer Street, another great Italian deli that's been there since God was a boy.

    2. Try more or less any italian deli, some will be better than others.

      I would suggest Camisa & Son or the Gazzano's depending on where you are.

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        I am in Islington, and I haven't found an Italian deli near me yet, unless you count Carluccio's (and I've not looked there). I think Gazzano's is in Battersea, correct?

      2. I'm with GG about the relative taste of sausages - I will not eat the "breakfast sausage crap" in the States. You may have been buying low end stuff in the UK - they can be pretty dire. Very fine sausages should not be at all difficult to find.

        I am surprised that you havnt been able to find luganiga sausage in a decent Italian deli in London. I'm sure they must stock it. Surely?

        Sainsbury stocks a very pleasant sausage that I think they call either "Italian" or "Sicilian". IMO, it will reasonably substitute for American style "sweet" Italian sausage. Good flavour of fennel. Not the same taste, but you might also like to try their Toulouse sausage which is nice and garlicky.

        This link may also help (it gives several hundred UK sausage producers - including 46 in London):

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          If you are in Islington, then you need to try Montes Italian Deli on The Cannonbury Road ( about two mins walk from Upper St)

          I am sure they can help you and it is worth a visit anyway.

          With my travels, I have not been there in over a year, but I used to pop in all the time when I worked around the corner

          Also, I am not sure if Simply Sausages on Harts Corner ( Where Farringdon Road meets Smithfield Market) is still around. If so, worth a visit there

          hope this helps


        2. I think you'll like Camisa's. I relied on that shop until I found a local, Italian deli near where we live down south. Very recently, I found Italian sausages in my Sainsbury's - and they were fine for a recipe I was trying. They were marked as such on the package, but to be honest, they weren't quite like the US ones.

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            Gazzano in the Farringdon Road is excellent. As is Olga's in Penton Street and I have never known them to be out of stock of Italian sausages with a choice of mild and spicy. (Do also try their fennel salami and stuffed olives.)
            It sounds as though you may be using the wrong butcher - the one in Highbury is not too bad but it is still worth going down to Borough for meat and the range of sausages at Ginger Pig are worth exploring.

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