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Apr 17, 2008 06:49 AM

Family places to eat in DC


Next Friday I'll be in DC for 24 hours or so (3pm friday to 3pm saturday). Any recommendations on decent (non-chain preferably) family places to eat? I will have my wife and 3 kids (2 year old and twins that are 6 years old) with me. All of us are adventurous/non-picky eaters/foodies....never been to DC before....most of our activcities will be based around the smithsonian/zoo etc....typical touristy activities and hopefully not typical touristy food selection (good non-tex-mex mexican and chinatown style asian food are usually our preferences...)

Thanks in advance,

Mark Adamowicz
Sutton, MA

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  1. If you plan on walking around Georgetown there is a great Vietnamese restaurant called Miss Saigon right on M St. and you definitely would feel comfortable with children there.

    1. Near the zoo is Lebanese Taberna for meze/Lebanese food. Spices, in Cleveland Park (a short walk from the zoo) is a good, family-friendly Asian restaurant with sushi and other tasty entrees. Good drinks for the adults.

      I would highly recommend checking out the cafeteria at the American Indian Museum. It's not your typical museum cafeteria food. It spans the various regions of the US and highlights traditional foods of that area. They have buffalo burgers, delicious salmon from the Pacific Northwest, turkey and cranberries from New England, tamales, and fry bread, to name a few items I've tried before. It's a lot of fun and if the kids can try all sorts of different items and learn a bit of culinery history at the same time.

      Other kid friendly spots to check out near where you will be are Open City, L'Enfant, Ella's Wood Fired Pizza, Old Siam (thai in Eastern Market, not too far off the Capitol), and Matchbox.

      1. You should check out the Mitsitam Café at the Museum of the American Indian. Native American fare, far and away the best museum food you'll find in DC. with enough variety that even the nonadventurous will be satisfied. Make sure to get some of the frybread. Other good choices would be in the Chinatown area. Matchbox, 713 H St., has great pizza, mini hamburgers, and good salads. It can be crowded, but I'd think that with kids that age, you would probably be eating fairly early.

        1. Agree with Mitsitam (in american indian museum) and Matchbox (near gallery)above . Also, The spy cafe in the Spy Museum is better than average cafeteria food.

          1. Tony Chengs mongolian barbque is decent and very family friendly, but also touristy. Washingtonians head to the MD or VA suburbs for good chinese.