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Apr 17, 2008 06:42 AM

sunday brunch or lunch in paris

looking for recommendations for sunday in may. group of 7 adults - 3 american visitors will be hosting 4 french relatives. first time in paris for one of the americans so we'd like something "special" as far as location, view, decor, etc. but excellent food is most important.

thanks so much.

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  1. I suggest Le Petit Céladon at the Hotel Westminster.
    Special 3 course lunch incl. wine and coffee for 55€/pp on weekends, when Le Céladon becomes Le Petit Céladon.
    Reservation a must!

    Sunday brunches at the luxury hotels like the Crillon, etc. will cost you more.

    1. I can recommend the brunch at the Hotel de Crillon.
      If you want something "special" then this should fit the bill in terms of location, decor etc etc .
      Their website will give you an idea of what to expect:
      Whatever you do, by all means avoid the brunch at Drouant.
      I was there last sunday and it was shocking: the ingredients were a complete mismatch, the service was incompetent, the place looked shabby and most of our tableware was chipped!!
      Unbelievable but true from Antoine Westermann!!
      A lot of restaurants are closed on sundays in Paris so I'd suggest you try and call the top hotels if you are after something special.

      1. I know it is starless, but I still love Sunday brunch a Le Tour D'Argent. Reasonable and the view is Paris.

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            Well, of course reasonable is relative. It used to be around 50 euros, but now it is 70euros. Have you caught Francois Simon's U Tube reviews--very interesting, he seems to go into the restaurants with a hidden camera. He reviews Tour and many other places of note.

        1. Since the weather should be pretty good in May eating outdoors at La Grande Cascade in the Bois du Boulogne would fit the "special" that you're looking for.

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            For a cozy, relaxed and not overly expensive brunch I recommend

            L'Heure Gourmande, 22, Passage Dauphine, 6th arr.
            Tel. 01 46 34 00 40 11:30 AM to 6:30 PM.

            Brunch is around €25.-. Next to that, wonderful home-made tartes (salty and sweet), composed salads plus a most remarquable cheese cake.

            The Passage Dauphine is a wonderful and quiet oasis in the busy area. With nice weather, you can sit outside.

          2. I can also recommend the sunday lunch at the Hotel Lancacter.
            Their "Dejeuner du Dimanche" costs 85 euros p.p. and includes one apetizer, one main course, a cheese platter and dessert plus one glass of Champagne.
            Check their website for more details.