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Apr 17, 2008 06:42 AM

Which BBQ Caterer? N Shore.

I'm planning a small, casual graduation party for my husband on Saturday June 28th.

We're away the weekend before and plans the weekend after so this time I'm not doing anything more than apps and homemade ice, I need a caterer. He likes BBQ so I've got it narrowed down to these three for drop-off catering:

Uncle Pete's - Revere
Redbones - Somerville
East Coast Grill - Cambridge

We have been to Redbones once and liked it. He has been to Uncle Pete's, liked that too.

Oh as a side note...we don't eat or serve beef or pork, so this would be pulled chicken, bbq chicken, grilled chicken, etc. and sides.

Does anyone have a suggestion on which one to go with? It would be great to have some opinions!

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  1. I love Uncle Pete's. Love them.

    But their best item by far is the pork spare ribs.

    For chicken, I'd probably go with East Coast Grill.

    1. I like Uncle Pete's but, you may want to check out American BBQ in Rowley, they are also good.

      American Barbecue
      5 Railroad Avenue, Rowley, MA

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      1. re: treb

        Had never heard of American Barbecue. Looks like they would be the closest. Perhaps we'll try it out this weekend. Thank you for the info!

        1. re: eriberri

          American BBQ is a great choice for the North Shore. I used them for two parties last year (kids birthday party and an adult event). Both events went well...very nice people, excellent chicken & turkey BBQ, sides and dessert.

          1. re: Infomaniac

            Infomaniac - Thank you for the info! Might I ask, did you do drop-off, pick-up or on-site? I'm definitely going for drop-off, whomever I use. Glad to hear that the turkey tips were good. They're a nice option to have in addition to chicken.

            1. re: eriberri

              Kids party I had at their location which was perfect. Kids got a kick out of the barrel full of peanuts in the shell for customer to eat while waiting and throwing the shells on the floor.
              Adult gathering I picked up from them and brought it home as I live not to far from them.

        2. re: treb

          I've tried just about every Barbecue Restaurant from Portland Maine to Rhode Island. This place doesn't hold a candle to East Coast Grill, Redbones, Uncle Petes, or Muddy River in Portsmouth. The Pulled Pork is very good, however, the portion is smaller than most. The prices should be cheaper for Cafeteria Style, and the ownership seems like they are doing everyone a favor by being there. I wouldn't go back personally.

        3. Can't go wrong with Uncle Pete's.

          I had a friend have Firefly's cater his graduation party a year ago and it was extremely well done. The Quincy location would probably be the closest one for you, so if those 3 fail, at least you have another option.

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          1. re: Carp85

            Do you mean "well done" as in they did it well? or as in the BBQ was "well done"- dried out?

          2. I have used Tex's BBQ Express for a party of 70. They are now located in Dedham, I see by their web site, but 3 years ago they were in the South End. They were excellent.... agreeable to substitute, very professional. They set up their grill and buffet tables and are part of the fun. Two people came, one chef and one assistant. The food was remarkably good. Tasty barbeque, several salads, cole slaw, cornbread, desserts, can see all the options here:

            They provide all the paper products, serving utensils and condiments.

            Some of my guests were from several southern states and know their BBQ....and raved about the food.....they loved it. Overall it was a very happy experience. I would hire them again.

            1. Uncle Pete's is schwaggy except for the pork ribs imo - unless you like everything sweet and asian influenced. Wasn't impressed with the sides either - except for the o rings.

              For chicken things and sides, Redbones may be your best bet.