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Apr 17, 2008 06:35 AM

Use for asparagus stems

Having snapped off the tough stems from my asparagus for tonight, I was wondering if I could use these stems to make soup or for any other purpose. Ideas?

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  1. You can sure use them for soup

    1. You can definitely use them to make soup - they tend to amass in my freezer, but I like to add some whole spears as well.

      1. So how do I do that - mirepoix, chicken broth, asparagus stems, potato, simmer and pass through a food mill?

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          There's a recipe in Deborah Madison's vegetarian cookbook for asparagus soup. She actually uses the stems in the vegetable broth, the middle parts for the soup and the tips for garnish. And instead of potato she uses rice for the creamy binding factor -- though I can also see it working with potato. And you can use either a blender or food mill -- whatever works.

        2. I don't buy woody asparagus. I simply trim the base a bit, snap the stalk, cut the tough end into desired lengths, and toss in the steamer or boiling water ahead of the more tender parts.

          1. I slice into 1/4 inch slices and put in my dog's dish. She loves asparagus!!! She also loves diced lettuce cores, thick brocolli stems, cabbage cores, etc. She's a small dog, so I dice small. She seems to LOVE veggie leftovers!!!! And I think it's very good for her. She bores holes into the back of my head when I'm making a salad now!!! She loves the thick crunchy stuff, but does not like the thin parts of lettuce, which makes us a great team!

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              I know what you mean, scuzzo. I once had a pointer who loved salad, especially with vinegrette. We discovered it when we thought he was interested in the salmon we were eating, so we slipped him some salad leaves as a "joke" only to find out he was really more excited by the salad. He liked asparagus too. My son's dog begs for carrots.