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Apr 17, 2008 05:28 AM

Anyone knows the difference between Italian 00 plain flour et all-purpose unbleached white flour?

Last night I made fresh pasta using Italian 00 flour and I can't believe how good they were and how easily they were to roll. Usually, the dough is sticky to roll (I did not do anything differently, on the contrary, I used even less flour to roll it and the cooked pasta texture was different too, firm and elastic, not dough-y - wow!)
I would be interested to know why that happened. Any flour expert on this board???

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  1. Italian 00 flour is made from soft wheat and is more finely milled than all-purpose flour. AP flour in the US is usually considered to be stronger and more elastic than Italian 00, but the gluten protein content of flours differs so much from brand to brand and country to country I would think it hard to determine the chemistry of the results you had with knowing exactly the difference between the protein content of your two flours. For instance, Marcella Hazan has said that she uses Italian 00 to make pasta when she's in Italy, but has found that in the States unbleached all-purpose flour is more consistently satisfying.