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Apr 17, 2008 05:25 AM

Teahouses in LA and/or the Valley?

I've been travelling around the Middle East and Eastern Europe this past year and will be coming back to LA in July. I have been CRAVING teahouses for some odd reason for the past few months. I have been to the Gilded Rose in Northridge when I came home for break and that wasn't too bad at all. I was wondering if anyone could recommend their favorites in the Valley/LA area and the ones that are most UK authentic.



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  1. Go to the "search" function ("search this board") and type in "tea", or "high tea", or "afternoon tea"

    Do you mean high tea? or just the typical brit teatime?

    Robin Hood in van nuys does a nice, basic tea like the ones my grandpa, aunts, cousins and uncles all enjoy back in england at home: pot of tea, a few sandwiches, a scone or two with clotted cream and jam, a bit battenburg cake, there you are.

    But I suspect you mena the more regal high tea, like one that is done in fancy London Hotels and teahouses, which is all ceremony and stuff on one of those plate racks. White gloves and that.

    Try the search function, there are a bunch of OK teahouses, not any more in the Valley than the Gilded rose, which frankly isn't all that great. Good ones in Pasadena and over the hill.

    1. Yes, there's at least one long thread about teahouses in LA. My mom is an Anglophile, so we've tried a few over the years -- Bel Air hotel, Rose Tree Cottage in Pasadena, Tudor House in Santa Monica, Huntington Gardens. They're very different, but the one that struck us as the most traditionally English was Rose Tree Cottage, which is run by an English couple. Everything tasted homemade, and it's a truly bottomless cup of tea; the man of the house comes around with a pot of good, strong English breakfast tea CONSTANTLY. At every other tea I've been to, you can choose from among a half-dozen or more kinds of teas, which is a plus, but you're limited by how often the waiter comes around to give you a fresh bag & fresh water every time you want a refill, a BIG minus (in my opinion). The only possible negatives to Rose Tree Cottage are that they take cash only (at least, that was the case when we were there a year or so ago), and they're very strict about their reservation system -- you have to call at a certain time, a certain number of days in advance. Quirky, and I know some Hounds have found this damned inconvenient. The Bel Air is probably the nicest location, but its afternoon tea struck me as way overpriced for what you get. The Huntington is entirely self-serve and was full of shrieking kids when I was there. Tudor House is the most laid-back and has a little market attached that sells English goods.

      1. Hotel Bel Air is the nicest setting, but I agree with the other post that the food is okay and it is $35 per person.

        The Pennisula Hotel has a nice tea and a pretty room that has garden type view.

        Hunitington Library and Gardens can get really noisy, but it's fun if you make a day at the gardens.

        The Scarlet Tea Room in Pasadena is nice and more like a tea room where you can also have lunch.

        The old Huntington Hotel in Pasadena has a tea, buts it's heavy on sweets.

        Paddington's in West Hollywood use to do tea It's a cute, funky shop and you have tea in the middle of the shop.

        Rose Tree Cottage is good and very traditional.

        I believe The Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, The Biltmore downtown, The Beverly Hills Hotel and The Beverly Wilshire all serve tea as well.

        Have Fun!