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Apr 17, 2008 01:54 AM

San Francisoco Golden Glass June 8th

What is the board's feedback on the San Francisoco Golden Glass June 8th event? is ot any good? Is it a valid presentation window to show one's products?

To give a little background, I am from French mother/English Father and I live in North West Italy, at the foothills of the Italian Alps (the Region is “Valle D’Aosta”). I’m married to a sweet and wonderful Italian girl and we have two kids.

Here in our little valley, we make some interesting wines such as the Passito, the autoctonous red Fumin and some sharp whites like the Petite Arvine.

My “second job” is to help one particular winery ( develop their export market.
In fact we're seriously considering taking part in the San Francisco “Golden Glass” expo on the 8th of June and we'd like the board's feedback to help us take a decision about participating.

Thanks for your comments.

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  1. It's a great event, curated by knowledgeable staff and great connections on the restaurant, food provider side. From the perspective of the consumer, I think it's one of the best wine events offered under $100 in SF. I'd say they've also done the event for at a least a few years, so any logistical issues are largely worked out also. If its consumer focus that you're interested in, I suspect people who know of and attend the event would either be an italian wine consumer already purchasing at those price points, or a Slow Food member, which might not be a regular italian wine consumer.

    1. I remember your thread on the Wine Board, Aosta...

      I think the event might be fun for you and your wife, especially if you visit Napa or Sonoma and do some wine-tasting while you're in the area.

      You might meet some US importers of Italian wine at the event.

      But what you are attempting to do is quite difficult for several reasons, and there are some problems that need to be addressed before you export your wine to the US.

      Your wines -- Fumin, Petite Arvine, Muller-Thurgau and Passito -- don't sell well in the US. It's not that these wines are not good wines -- it's that they are not at all well-known here. Do you know other wineries that export Fumin and Muller-Thurgau to the US? Your wines [sad news] may not sell well here. I'm sorry.

      Do you have distribution of your wine throughout Europe yet? That comes first. South Africa? Asia?

      Do you have a US importer? I believe you didn't have one when you posted before.
      Because your wines are unknown to Americans, and may not sell, it may be difficult to find an importer.

      Have you designed wine labels that have the US-required information on the label? You cannot import the wines unless you have this legally required information on the label. Each country may have its own requirements.

      Your winery's website is still in Italian only. It should be in many languages,
      especially English. Any country who wishes to import your wine should be
      able to read your winery's website. A few of us recommended this to you
      months ago. You should hire someone who knows each language well to
      translate the page.

      You might want to take care of these things first. Good luck to you!

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        On top of ml's comments: add your email address to your CH profile.

        1. re: RicRios

          Hi Marie Loraine,

          thanks for the exhausitive post. I'll try to answer a couple of your points.

          Yes, we have found an importer to the US. He is already handling some fairly prestigious Italian producers.

          Yes we have changed our labelling for the US market (following his advice).

          This distributor is recommending all his Italian wineries to take part in Golden Glass and to present their wines.

          Yes, I know our web-site is still in Italian only. Though it is much "smarter" that before.

          Finally I can't work out where I am supposed to put my mail address in the Chow Hound profile. can someone help?

          Thanks also to StephP and RicRios for their advice. Anybody else want to comment?



      2. I've been attending The Golden Glass for several years and love the event. I look forward to it every year. So I was quite baffled to read the following on

        "The Golden Glass expands in 2008 to include wines from Spain, Greece, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand, amongst others."

        No slight intended against these countries or wines. But there are so many lackluster wine fairs and festivals every year in the bay area with little to no unifying theme. I can't express how disappointed I am that organizers have chosen to dilute the focus of such a high quality event.