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Apr 17, 2008 01:20 AM

Katzs Deli---how well do the sandwiches travel

Will be near katzs around lunch time. Any thoughts about how well pastrami , brisket etc sandwiches would travel/last as wold like to bring to yankee stadim for evening game @7? (instead of usual stadium overpriced garbage).thx!

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  1. My friend, if you can get through the day with a Katz's pastrami sandwich next to you, and leave it untouched, you've just grabbed the self-denial championship from Siddhartha.

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    1. My suggestion, based on my one experience (grin), would be to ask for the meat and the bread separately at the takeout counter, and then put it together yourself at the stadium.

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      1. re: MMRuth

        That's exactly what I was going to say! + get a small side of mustard.

      2. Let's "kick it up a notch."

        Better suggestion than those above.

        1 - Order a sandwich and eat/smile/moan while still at Katz's
        2 - Do the MMRuth scenario.

        The only thing better than a Katz's sandwich for lunch is one for lunch plus one later in the day watching the Yankees get beat.

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        1. re: jfood

          jfood- which is more perilous to your health in the bronx, walking around yankee stadium with a sox hat on or walking into the stadium with a katzs pastrami sandwich in a clear plastic bag (to get thru security) in full view for anyone to grab/steal. btw was at the ballpark in the bronx 2 weeks ago-- hard to believe but the food quality is even worse this year and the prices went up (chicken fingers for the kids from 8.75---> 10 bucks in 6 months). Go yanks!

          1. re: ekdd

            FYI - the only edible food concessions at the Stadium (they are all ripoff expensive) is the Carl's Cheesesteaks and Mike's Deli of Arthur Avenue. The stands are right next to each other and they are on the club level behind homeplate. They pale in compariosn to their actual locations but the cheesesteaks and meatballs sandwiches are pretty good....anything is better than walking into that food court hell pit...MMruth, great idea, how about a Katz's concession at the new stadium??!!

            1. re: ekdd

              Don;t think anyone would mind jfood wearing his old WHITE Sox hat (he lived on the south side of chicago for a couple of years) nor does he think that wearing his current Mets hat means very much other than a chuckle and a giggle.

              Just place the sandwich in a CVS bag, noone will pay attention since they are so excited to actually be there. Once you get seated and pull the puppy out of the bag and the smell hits you seat neighbors is when the perils begin.

              Just remember they paid as much for a cold dog as you did for the sandwich. Just another benefit.