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Apr 17, 2008 12:32 AM

Hungry Asian filmmakers in W. Hwd & DTLA

Hey everyone,

So, the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival is in a couple of weeks, from May 1-8, in venues in Downtown Los Angeles (close to Little Tokyo) and West Hollywood (around the Director's Guild). My job in the festival is to get out information to filmmakers & guests of the festival, and since I enjoy eating, I wanted to put out some recommendations for good places to eat close to the venues. There will be a chunk of folks from out of town, as well as locals who may or may not be familiar with these two areas.

I have been scouring the posts for good suggestions for West Hollywood & Downtown and wanted to make sure I'm not missing any favorites.

Since it's the Asian Pacific film fest and there will be a lot of Asian American folks in the mix, I definitely want to include the best Asian spots in these areas. But especially for out-of-towners, I want to make sure to cover places that are really good LA spots of other cuisines as well. (Taco trucks, heyyy...)

I get the impression there will be a mix of budgets among the filmmakers, so if you can, please indicate if this place is cheap ($25). It's all weekend, so it's breakfast, lunch & dinner.


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  1. Do you really want to take Asian visitores, who east really good Asian food, to LA Asian palces? I mean, we have good Asian for America (excellent, really) But to them, it might not work out.

    Then again, some visitors prefer a taste similar to home.

    I would think it interesting for them to explore more un asian cuisine. American, Californian, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Delis, Diners, Ethiopian and such

    The Griddle for pancakes

    Or John O Groats for Pancakes

    Rahel for Ethiopian

    The Original Farmer's MArket so they can explore the differnt stalls

    Scoops for ice cream.

    NAte N Al's Deli

    Fugetsudo in Little tokyo for mochi


    Angeli Caffe for Italian

    Village Idiot pub

    Hugo's for lunch/breakfast/dinner

    PAcific Dining car (24 hours) steaks, late night munchies, lunch, breakfast

    Sushi Gen

    Urth Cafe


    Mozza (both of them)








    I bet other hounds will have great recs..I'm not the best in those areas.

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    1. re: Diana

      Thanks Diana! These are good recommendations. It looks like some of these are all over LA (not just in Downtown or West Hollywood).

      It will be a mix of folks - I think most will actually be Asian American folks, and there will be a small group of visitors from out of the country representing films from Asia. I think you're right to give a selection of not just Asian food. Although to this day, the Japanese visitors I have hosted still want to go for Japanese food when they're here!

      1. re: Diana

        Also, all the Asian people I know (including myself) love Asian food more than Italian or American or French or anything else. Give us Thai, give us Japanese, anything from that great continent!

      2. My original price list got cut here- just to clarify:
        If you can, please indicate if these spots are cheap (<$15), moderate ($15 - $25), or expensive (>$25).


        1. Diana covered a lot, so I'll just try to add...

          I think Farmers' Market could be fun and it's cheap to moderate depending upon where you go.

          For cheap to moderate Thai, Jitlada would be a good slightly different option. Palms Thai might be fun just for the spectacle.

          For Peruvian, there's Los Balcones de Peru on Vine (moderate).

          Mashti Malone for Persian ice cream.

          Mexican at Guelaguetza or some cheap tacos as you suggest.

          Definitely agree w/ Griddle Cafe. Other nice brunch option could be Little Next Door, Quality, Toast, 3rd Stop.

          For those that want to spend the money, maybe they'd like Water Grill downtown.

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          1. re: Emme

            Thanks! These look really good. Griddle cafe does look like a good option, since it's pretty much right outside the Director's Guild.

            I've been living in the Bay Area for the past 8 years and just moved down again a couple of months ago. This is definitely inspiration to get out there and discover these places.

            Any more downtown suggestions? Best Asian spots?

            1. re: alienade

              For Downtown L.A. a walk around the Grand Central Market and a taco or what ever is a must! Then show them the interior of the Bradbury Bldg. across the street, lots of movie interiors shot there!

          2. langers for the pastrami sandwich. yum!

            1. Don't forget Hirozen for sushi.
              Also Genghis Cohen.

              Chowhound includes a great search feature that allows you to sort your search based on your neighborhood.

              West Hollywood:

              Downtown LA:

              8385 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048

              Genghis Cohen
              740 N Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046