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Apr 16, 2008 11:46 PM

Need a Veg friendly place for intimate dinner

I am looking for a restaurant for a special occasion. Problem is, Vegetarian, eat fish though. Clearly sushi seems the way to go, but Uchi just smack of pretension to me. Anyone know of other comparable sushi places? Decor counts.
Otherwise, does anyone know how zoot, wink, jeffery's, driskol, etc stack up in the veg friendliness dept.?

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  1. Mikado is MUCH mor intimate, and bang for the buck (I know I'm going to get slammed for this, but) than Uchi. Uchi for me has the Hip just for being Hip vibe that ethier I'm too old or just not with it enough to like. Besides, that place is just CRAZY loud.

    1. The Farmer's Tasting menu at Zoot is always our first choice for a special occasion dinner as a vegetarian couple. It's always creative, seasonally fresh, and delicious. I'm going next month for my birthday and I've been counting down the days. I've been underwhelmed by Wink's smaller selection of veggie menu options and when they prepared a special vegan dish for me when I was still vegan, it was a pretty boring assortment of grilled vegetables.

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        funny, I've got the completely OPPOSITE opinion... ;) I don't like Zoot, but LOVE Wink. I agree that Zoot is creative and uses seasonally fresh ingredients, but i've been disappointed with the flavors the two times i'd been there. Wink, on the other hand, doesn't offer much veggie selection on the regular menu BUT they can make a vegetarian set-menu for you, WITH wine pairings. I've been wowed every time, except for one unfortunate occassion where the portions were RIDICULOUSLY small... Wink is ALWAYS my special occasion restaurant though...

        I DO like Uchi, but understand the pretension quibble about it. I'd prolly recommend Tomo for the sushi rolls, but don't think it's the right space for a special occasion. it's small and lacking in decor... one of my friends swears by the "screaming orgasm" dish though... maybe musashino or mikado, i dunno... i don't eat fish, so don't know the quality. i'd personally do uchi for special occasion sushi, plus they also have a omikase set menu with wine/sake pairing...

        I wasn't impressed at all with Jefferey's vegetarian set menu (which you have to ask for), so haven't been back since. I'd recommend Jezebel though...

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          We like Mirabelle. A short list of vegetarian choices, but a lot of fish dishes so it should be easy, and delicious. Go before 6:15 and add to your choices with their money-saving Early Menu. They open at 5:30.

      2. I'm a vegetarian and had a wonderful meal at the Driskill Grill, but this was a few years ago when David Bull(?) was still chef. Like most fine restaurants, the chef can whip up something for vegetarians like myself.
        I'm a Musashino fan myself. Like the decor, and I love the Vegetarian Chef's Choice dinner option. It is DH's (and my) favorite sushi restaurant in Austin.
        And then there's East Side Cafe. There's something for everyone there, and the setting is lovely IMO.

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          Hey everybody, thanks for the tips. I made a res at East side because it looks pretty, is close to me, and I like the online menu. Will let you know how it goes.

        2. Jezebel recently announced a four course vegetarian tasting menu. I haven't tried it yet but I have been delighted with my other meals there.

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            I liked Fino at dinner (but not at lunch), Also, although the place is primarily known for game (and wine) the best meal I ever had at Hudson's on the Bend was their vegetable plate! (I have no idea if they still offer it.)