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Apr 16, 2008 11:23 PM

Matzoh in Vegas?

I don't think I'll be attending a real seder this year, but it doesn't mean I can't crave the foods. I've been looking for matzoh, and can't seem to find any. Albertson's has only flavored varieties...and Smith's seems to have a selection of "Jewish" items (borscht; matzoh ball soup mix; gefilte fish, etc) but no matzoh. All I want is plain, non-salted, non-egg, non "red chili and garlic" (I SWEAR I saw that) matzoh. Any suggestions??

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  1. They make red chili and garlic matzohs? Do you happen to know if it said whether it was Kosher for Passover? That's so interesting... I have to try it!

    I'm not from Vegas so unfortunately I can't help you other than to try smaller grocery stores which may carry them. I heard that Trader Joe's isn't carrying matzoh at all this year, so don't bother trying there. Last year I was in Rome during Passover, and if I could find matzoh there (what an adventure THAT was!), then I feel certain that there is matzoh to be found in Vegas. Best of luck on your search!

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      I don't know if you have tried the Albertsons and Smith's Supermarkets on this list....these locations seem to carry a larger selection of kosher items

      Blooms Farmer's Market Looks god too!

      Also (off topic) if you get a chance try Sababa Grill ! Some of the best Falafel in town!

      Happy Passover!

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        No, it did not say Kosher for Passover. Somehow I couldn't bring myself to try it.....I think tomorrow when I'm working in Summerlin I'm going to try some of the stores closer to there....They may have a better selection.

        Ciaogal: where is Sababa Grill? DH would love a great Falafel!

      2. I bought a box at the Smith on Lake Mead and Rampart ( the home of the jewish experience). I also bought 50 bucks worth of stuff and they gave me 5 free boxes. Plain Israeli Matzoh. Tasteless -- ha ha