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Apr 16, 2008 10:20 PM

Gus's BBQ, South Pasadena

Has anyone tried the new Gus's BBQ yet and what are your thoughts?

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  1. I'm curious too. There's an article about it on the LA Times website

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    1. re: RoxyGrl

      Went Friday night. Took an hour to be seated, it was packed!
      Good experience! It really seems like they opened when they
      were ready, things were running smoothly.

      Fried Chicken was great! So was the BBQ Chicken. The 4 sides
      we had were good too. Only complaint might be adding a side
      salad was $5. Seems kinda lame, considering the Mac&Cheese
      was $15 with no sides included...

      1. re: benoswald

        Mac & Cheese is $15? Is this some kind of ritzy establishment?

        1. re: Josh90004

          That does seem a little high but I think they are trying to position it as a main course and not a side dish, it has applewood bacon and three cheeses and such. The prices are not super-cheap, but they're probably the same as any other brand-new place with a full bar and good quality meats. I imagine you would spend less there than at Mike & Anne's or Briganti, but more than at Senor Fish.

    2. Someone would have to pay me to ever go back there. Is it a new owner, new chef, new decor, new everything so it won't remind me in *any* way of my unfortunate mistake in going there my first (and last) time? Shudder.

      Edited to add: I just read the article. I'm mollified by the idea that the new owners are from an excellent pedigree (Tops!!) and that they have completely redone the menu and plan on serving actual barbecue in their barbecue restaurant (excellent notion!).

        1. I walked by a few days before they were open and the interior looks really nice. Ample parking in the back; a local foodie recently blogged it.

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          1. re: B_hungry

            I walked in last week and saw a steak salad on the counter. It looked too good to be true. A mountian of perfect greens with a few string style oinion rings on top. Sliced steak was laying against the greens -- picture perfect. In fact, several people were taking pictires of it. I was hoping to get some ribs to-go but they were still not open yet. I was told the menu will include some fried chicken also. The ambiance of this place is also very nice.

          2. The place is run by a couple of sons associated with the family who owns/runs Tops on Colorado Blvd. in Pasadena. That right there is reason enough to give it a try - this is a family that knows food and also knows how to give people their money's worth. Sure, bbq is not what Tops does, but I don't think they would venture into something that they couldn't do very well. Besides, what I have heard about the late original Gus's, it couldn't be any worse than it used to be.