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Apr 16, 2008 10:05 PM

Hurray, Spring: Mpls Farmers market open this weekend

Despite what the website says for a Apr. 26 opening of the Minneapolis Farmers' Market, Hub's phone call today verified an Apr. 19th market. May be a slim market, but it's open!

Get out there. It's spring. Here's data:

Phone : 612-333-1718


Buy local,: buy at the Mpls. market and at the St. Paul market, as well. Wake up, Twin Cities, from our long sleep, and get to the farmers' market!

Happy Spring!

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  1. Fantastic news! Happy Spring to you as well.

    As you mention, it might be a slim market. What kinds of produce can have been grown locally this time of year? I know I've seen some locally-grown "live" lettuce, bushel boy tomatoes, and morel mushrooms (all at Lunds)--these must be hydroponic and greenhouse produce, right? I'm guessing asparagus, ramps, fiddlehead ferns could be local... Aside from the hydroponic and greenhouse stuff, is there any produce available now that's locally raised? What should I be looking for?

    EDIT: Also, does anyone know if there will be the Thursday afternoon Farmer's Market outside Midtown Global Market this year and, if so, what the details of that is?


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      you are spot on - bushel boy introduced the "live lettuce" in addition to their tomatoes, and they are both grown hydroponicaly, though I think they mostly sell to groceries, rather than via farmers markets. its still awfully early for local non-greenhouse produce of any kind, even foraged, but i would think that Living Waters would have their hydroponic tomatoes, cukes and peppers. the asparagus doesn't usually show up until late april or may. meat, dairy and egg producers will likely be there, as well as bakery etc. (and of course the importers, but it is clearly not broccoli or pineapple season in minnesota).

    2. Also, here's the link to St. Paul Farmer's Market. The SPFM is still in "winter market" mode, meaning, Saturdays only. It sounds the the opening of the spring market is April 26th (next weekend!).


      1. mill city mkt opens may 10th. local meats, cheeses, breads, prepared foods, artists. a few local produce vendors with early season stuff like asparagus, rhubarb, pea shoots

        1. It's my birthday tradition to go to the opening weekend (opening day is usually the first Saturday after my birtrhday), and it has been since the opening weekend before I even moved here, 6 years ago. It's usually cold, often rainy, and very slim pickings-- most of the people at the Mpls market are the ones without local stuff. The Hmong growers won't get here for several weeks.

          All that being said, it doesn't matter. I will go every year, as my need for the promise of spring and fresh deliciousness to come outweighs any expectations.

          Happy Farmer's Marketing, everyone!!

          1. anybody have the skinny on the smaller neighborhood markets, like northeast, etc?

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            1. re: soupkitten

              Here's a list. Looks like the Northeast one doesn't get going until June.