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Apr 16, 2008 09:57 PM

Himalayan Spice

We live in the neighborhood and was too tired to cook on Monday. We decided to have Indian food at Rangoli. On our way we decided to go to this new place. It is a Nepalese and Indian restaurant just opened few weeks ago at 1404 Yonge Street, previously a Citron Thai Bistro.

We were welcomed with a smile and seated on a table beside the window. There were two other tables with 2 people each. The waiter was very friendly and handed the menu in few seconds. We were reading the menu and the vegetable soup with a piece of papadam arrived on the table. Ofcourse, "On the house." I never had such good soup. I am not a food critic who could explain it in detail but it was just wonderful. There is no explanation.

The interior was great. Very peaceful (you could actually feel it). Much better than what restaurant makeover did at Citron. The artwork on the wall and paintings are amazing.

Time to order. There were so many choices of Indian and Nepalese items. Mostly Indian. We asked for Nepalese Special and the waiter suggested few of the items on the menu. We decided to order two dishes "Himalayan Kofta ($10.95)" and "Qwati Lamb($11.95)" with a Rosemery Naan ($2.95) and a Rice ($2.45).

It took around 15 minutes for our food to arrive on the table. Looked great on the plates. Presentation was great. Now, the reality check :) The food was just amazing. Full of flavour. I didn't want to finish the kofta. I licked the whole plate. Lamb was great too. We both got a shot of mango drink at the end of our meal with the bill. A WONDERFUL FINAL TOUCH.

I Will definately go back to try other items on the menu. If anyone is in the area you should definately try their food. A++

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  1. What an amazing recommendation for a first post.
    My policy is not to initiate comments on a place until I've tried it twice, but it's fair game to comment.
    So, here goes - and my experience wasn't as good!

    First the good news: the flavours were indeed pretty good. The spicing was careful, maybe a bit on the bland side, but certainly above average.
    But it was the textures that let the meal down. Essentially everything was 'soggy' - not quite baby food but way overcooked (or tenderized). Even the papadums were somewhat limp, and didn't 'crumble' - rather they bent before breaking cleanly.
    With 4 Indian restaurants within a 5-minute walk, this is going to be a tough neighbourhood to survive in.

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      Thanks for these posts. I work up the street and have been wanting to at least try out the lunch buffet. Will go in with my eyes open.