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Apr 16, 2008 09:48 PM

Whole Scallops

Looking for place that I can get scallops in tact. Whole thingy with everythig.
. all the belt and EVERYTHING!!!

One of my friend thought scallops are harvested in tubes and somebody cuts that tubes in that thickness so it looks like so.

I do love belt part and.... I really do. I think it's the best part.

Anybody?? Is that one of those things to get from asking fish king in Glendale?? Or...???

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  1. You can get scallops at Santa Monica Seafood with the side muscle attached.

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    1. re: TracyS

      Thanks TrasyS!! Last time I was at SM Seafood, they didn't have any. I'm gonna try them again.

      1. re: konnichiwa

        If you don't find them there, try a sushi bar. I just had live scallop last week at Koi in Seal Beach. So delicious and they take the innards and saute them.