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Apr 16, 2008 09:36 PM

Gefilte Fish

Help! I'm hosting a seder and I cannot bear the thought of those tasteless ovoids in wierd
jeely-substance. Growing up in NYC my Mom would buy it fresh (yum). Any thoughts about something more appetizing that I can buy (noted Brad levy's recipe on the boards but not willing to invest three days of boing, cooking, etc). Any suggestins, esp. in the E. Bay would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Here is an old thread with some possibilities (as I admit in the thread, I like the stuff in a jar), but be warned: if you haven't pre-ordered it may be too late to get the fresh stuff at some of the mentioned spots. OTOH, if it is still as expensive as it was when I got it last at San Francisco Fish Company, perhaps less people will have ordered it this year given the state of the economy:

    1. You have a couple of east bay options. Oakland Kosher on Lakeshore has frozen gefilte fish in a shrink-wrapped loaf. You plunk it into boiling water, still frozen, and cook it for an hour. They gave me a taste of it cooked and it was much better than the jarred stuff. For even more adventure, go to VerBrugges meat market on College near Alcatraz. They have already-ground fish (you can request your own proportions of whitefish, carp and pike, or trust their judgment) that they'll sell you, and if you want they'll also sell you the bones and heads so you can make your own jellied broth.