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Apr 16, 2008 08:48 PM

Sugar Free Mint Syrup--Anywhere Local?

Cynaburst has become rather fond of the various Monin and Torani sugar-free syrups I've brought home for her to try. Vanilla, coconut, almond are favorites; she mixes them with 0% Fage yogurt or Almond Breeze, among other things. Now she's asked if I can locate a sugar-free mint syrup.

The websites for Torani and DaVinci both say that they do make this product (Monin apparently does not). But I've checked the usual sources--Surfas, Cost Plus, Smart & Final--and they don't carry it. I don't know any other local stores that carry more than a very small selection of syrup flavors. I could order on-line, but the shipping costs are not cost-efficient for one or two bottles. (Or I guess I could try making it myself by soaking a bunch of mint leaves in a bottle of plain or vanilla sugar-free syrup--would that work, or do you need more alcohol to soak up the flavor?)

So, if anyone knows of a source in LA where they carry sugar-free mint syrup, we'd appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Well you could buy pure mint extract at whole foods. It tastes good, and a little goes a LONG way and then sweeten it with whatever artificial or substitute sweetner floats your boat ;) i'm partial to stevia. The NuNaturals 0 Carb brand I get from iherb online is my favorite shipping is really cheap and it comes a day or two after you order it. Second favorite sweetner would be pure stevia extract made by KAL from whole foods but it's less sugar like and more expensive.


    1. There's a low-carb grocery store on Melrose near Larchmont that carries a lot of DaVinci sugar-free syrups. Their website says that they have the creme de menthe flavor. Maybe you could give them a call to double check.
      Lo Carb-U Foods
      5770 Melrose Ave
      Los Angeles,Ca. 90038

      1. Try the soaking. get the mint, bash it in a mortatr and pestle and throw it in there for a week or so.

        1. Smart'n'Final carries a ton of flavors.

          Heavenly Diet Store on Van Nuys just south of the 101 definitely carries the mint.

          Healthy Discounts also on Van Nuys at Ventura carries the syrups (not sure on mint but call!).