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Apr 16, 2008 08:12 PM


i have always loved chili's.... always very good, never had a bad meal at any location.

love their fajita's, burgers, salad's, chicken fingers, and chocolate shakes!!:)

I'm wanting to try their new BIG MOUTH® BITES... a bunch of mini-burgers.... looks good on TV and their website.

your thoughts??? Thanks.:)

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  1. Honestly, they are my favorite mini burgers! I have tried them from a lot of different places, but they still remain my favorite. They don't have any special toppings, and they come on the same type of buns as their regular burgers, but the meat is seasoned perfectly! Give them a try; they shouldn't disappoint.

    1. I hated them. It was a regular burger cut into quarters and put on smaller buns. The onions tasted weird and the bacon tasted either old or frozen. I love their burgers. The cracked peppercorn burger and the new southern smokehouse bacon burger are my favorites, but I just did not care for the mini burgers.

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        They don't have the peppercorn burger on the menu anymore, it was my favorite too.

        1. re: Velvet Elvis

          I also liked the Southern Smokehouse Bacon Burger, and I didn't even put the sauce on it!. The bacon is incredible!