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Apr 16, 2008 07:22 PM

Ethiopian, Morrocan, Mid Eastern in Monmouth?

I miss the diversity of the city and find myself wondering if there are any good ethnic foods in Monmouth County, NJ other than Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Mexican? Injerra anyone?

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  1. I like the Lebanese Zaitooni Deli in Red Bank. See discussion:

    1. Marmara, in Manalapan, serve very good Turkish food.

      For Ethiopian, there's Makeda, in New Brunswick. I've never tried it.

      Sadly, no Morrocan.

      1. I recently tried Sister Sue's (Trinidadian) in Asbury Park and really enjoyed my meal.

        1. You'll have to venture outside of Monmouth (but not far) to get these kinds of food. Makeda in New Brunswick is excellent. Also try Awujoh in Somerset for African food. It's family run and fantastic. You'll have to travel a bit farther for Moroccan food - Marakesh in Montclair is probably the closest.

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            I just realized the mistake I made in my post re: Makeda. It's in Middlesex, not Monmouth. But, as you say, njeggy1, not too far.

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              Makeda is fantastic and eating Ethopian style is very social and lots of fun. And nearby you also have 7 Hills in Highland Park for Turkish. As noted by others, not Monmouth, but worth the trip.

            2. I'll have to agree that Makeda in New Brunswick is excellent.