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Apr 16, 2008 07:21 PM

Top Chef-Tailgating

Watching now.

Jennifer wins immunity. I didn't think much of her dish. Richard picked Michelob Ultra??!!! Are you kidding me? That's like trying to cook something that goes well with water. That's not beer! Stephanie's choice of Hoegaarten was excellent and her dish looked and sounded great. Wish I could taste it.

And what is with that pretzel crumbles? What up with that? I feel bad for Mark because he has no idea what football tailgating is, poor guy.

Oh, and Richard's pate melt? Lets say I'm dubious.

OK, foreshadowing just happened. I think its either Spike or Mark.

How did Nikki get this far?

Mark goes for the charcoal, I hope it works for him. Risky.

The Fridge, Dent, and Sayers?? Simply awesome.

Spike uses jicama? In Chicago? Too wimpy.

Ryan's food is way too fru-fru for football. And the judges agree with me.

Andrew definitely got issues.

OOh, Lisa's looks good.

Quinoa tabbouleh? Oy!!

OK, looks like Mark is gone.

Dale. Antonia, and Stephanie. are the winners. They ARE the most consistent. And Dale wins!! And he gets a freaking Bears jersey and a studly grill grill, I guess thats OK, I still would rather go to Italy.

OK, Gail Simmons still bugs me.

OK, whaling on Nikki, Ryan, and Mark now.

Nikki is clueless.

Ryan is a cry baby.

Mark is the slob. His area did look pretty disgusting, and coming from me, it must be truly disgusting.

Oops, got it wrong. Ryan goes. I guess they faked us all out. And the schmu
ck still won't admit he missed the boat on the challenges. He's an idiot.

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  1. agreed. not a fan of ryan at all. glad to see him gone.
    go stephanie. everything she makes looks fabulous.
    but agreed that dale's looked really good here.

    also for the quickfire (great idea by the way) i think it was some mich ultra with lime or something. not that that's good beer or anything. i thought jen's did look good. and i couldn't BELIEVE how many of them were anti beer. i mean really.

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    1. re: AMFM

      Loved that Chef Colicchio noticed that Stephanie was up in the Top 3 yet again. Consistent, consistent, consistent - that's got to count for something for her down the road!

      And re: the QF - did they know which beers they were drinking? It didn't look like it - just a pour from the pitcher in front, and out of the 3 they tasted, they chose one? So if Richard doesn't like the taste of beer (I believe he said he didn't drink it), going for the watered-down Mich Ultra makes sense for him.

    2. Two Top Chef #5 threads is gonna be hard.

      1. i dont drink beer, so i'll take everyone's word about what is good/what is not. but when i saw jennifers dish i was like "yes!" i would so eat that.

        lol i totally said the same thing about dale when he won the grill--he would of rather gone to italy.

        the judging really suprised me. i thought for sure it was nikki. she has really made crappy stuff every week (minus the pasta) and im shocked she made it past this week...although i am shocked she slid by with her blueberry fungus and cheese droppings. She totally did a riff on sandra lee with the prepared sausage. I mean how hard is it to make peppers and onions with a jus and heat some bread? oh and the random shrimp on the side?? My monkey could do all of that--in his sleep. My only sympathy is that she was the last to serve the judges and I guess she ran out. But I would of saved some for the judges and just told everyone else i was out. how can you forget tom and padma???

        i am so glad ryan went home. he was so full of hott air i was sick of him. I screamed in excitement when he was sent home (there was a whole bunch of us watching and we had wagers on who it would be. i picked him just because i thought he was a jerk). im glad mark was not axed. i would miss his accent. i thought he was so cute tonight because he was pissed off several times yet when he said it, he had a totally straight face.

        andrew cracks me up. i think he is hilarious.

        richard's dish looked great. i though lisa's did too.

        whoever made that "one shrimp" dish, it may of been great, but i think i would of been a little disappointed on the size. I mean com'on people were serving burgers, ribs, chicken sandwiches, etc. One single looked miniscule in that large bowl. maybe its my americaness speaking out, but i would of felt a little cheated.

        stephanie has been my favorite since week 1. she is this seasons casey. i hope she goes all the way.

        btw, was anyone not really impressed with the guest judge in the QF??? I wonder why she didnt return for the Elimination challenge. Has that happened before? i know the two are from the same restaurant but i thought that was just weird.

        Glad to see they are finally taking into account audience opinion. I wonder how they chose who got to sample the food.

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        1. re: asiansensation007

          <stephanie has been my favorite since week 1. she is this seasons casey. i hope she goes all the way.> Stephanie has WAY more talent than Casey! not even in the same ballpark...

          1. re: ChefJune

            I agree COMPLETELY, Chef June. Stephanie is heads and shoulders above Casey. Shouldn't be mentioned in the same sentence. It's more like Stephanie is the new Tiffani (without the attitude) or the new Lee Ann (with slightly more talent and/or consistency that could take her all the way).

            1. re: charmedgirl

              Agreed. Stephanie is more talented than Casey. She is more like Lee Anne Wong. And I know everybody absolutely loved Casey but I kind of thought she sometimes smacked of insincerity -- like when she was saying how glad she was that Howie helped her in the finals. She was trying to be diplomatic but it didn't come off that way on TV as she said it with so much hesitation.

        2. Nikki had to go for grilling pre-made sausages with onions and peppers. She thinks like a mom packing lunch for her kids, not as a high level chef. Anyone who made an effort with their own food, however foul, should have stayed over her.

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          1. re: Minger

            Wasn't it Nikki who made the "mom" comment, "When you swear, you draw attention to yourself"?

            (Clearly from my userid, I have no problem with moms in general ;-)

          2. Whether Mark understands the tailgating concept or not, his station was very unhygenic. Ick. I think based solely on that, he should have gone. I thought it was a toss up between him leaving and Nikki- sausage and peppers? Come on! I don't care how great it tasted (and I do love sausage and peppers) it was uncreative and kind of lazy of her. I was surprised when they told Ryan to go, even though his dish totally missed the mark.

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            1. re: mercyteapot

              Chef Kahan's blog/interview at implies that it wasn't close at all -- that with Ryan trying to do so many dishes, that didn't even comply with the challenge, all the dishes suffered. I think both Nikki and Mark were lucky -- I knew they were going to be in the bottom 3. I was kind of relieved to see the judges be consistent about expecting people to comply with the challenge concept.

              1. re: mercyteapot

                That whole unhygenic thing was weird--I don't remember that ever coming up in previous seasons, although there's been lots of carting around raw meat to picnics and such. Seems like if editors wanted to focus on hygiene they could have made anyone look bad from the right angles. And where are the hairnets and gloves in the TC kitchen, if we want to get all picky about that stuff?

                1. re: mercyteapot

                  I think Mark was hungover from his "pool" party and it showed. I couldn't believe he tasted his chowder and put the spoon back in the pot! Wasn't somebody else disqualified on the spot for doing that in a previous TC series? They were working in a professional kitchen and he tasted from the cooking spoon and got the boot.

                  1. re: ginnyhw

                    I actually saw Mark last night at a fundraiser. He was manning the Public station and serving those anchovy things they served at the zoo. He looked much more cleaned up and handled himself quite professionally.

                    Yeah, I thought it was weed but you're probably right ginnyhw. It's probably the drinking from the bubble bath.

                    1. re: ginnyhw

                      You're thinking of TC #1, the first episode - the loud-mouthed Irish guy. When they were in the chef's restaurant with limited time to show their line-cook skills, he dipped his finger into the sauce to make sure it tasted right. This was not acceptable in that chef's kitchen, so he was sent outside.

                      At elimination, the loudmouth Irish guy (I don't remember the name, just the accent, sorry!) kept saying how he'd been in a million restaurant where it was perfectly fine to do that, so he was right. No amount of "you operate under the chef's rules, not your own when it's not your kitchen" would dissuade him.

                      It wasn't so much the hygiene as it was the attitude for that TC contestant.

                      I think none of us really want to think about tasting spoons, fingers and whatnot...we'd never eat out if we did! ;-)