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Apr 16, 2008 07:16 PM

Top chef: 16/04


Ten minutes in and I am already fed up of Jen going on and on about Zoi. She has had it pretty good up until now considering all the other contestants are not allowed to get romantically involved.

And that the guest chef seems like a real barrel of laughs.

  1. I feel like they need to poke her witha big old hat pin to wake her up.

    1. Good choice. He has been totally underwhelming.

      1. Agreed re: Jennifer. I knew within the first few minutes that all we were going to hear from her was how she was going to win it for Zoi. Huh? Win it for yourself, you idiot! But also kinda figured the early focus on her was going to mean that she either won QF or the Elim. Challenge. So she gets immunity, but at least it was an individual challenge vs. another team one.

        And previews for next week look like it's going to be a fun show!

        1. Shut it about Zoi already! I mean really..we get that you're pissed about her being gone but deal with it!
          I am Ryan Scott & I am a clueless windbag. I don't care to cater to the clientele only to what I think they should like. It's a Bears tailgating party you moron! I've been to many & this guy would be possibly beaten like a baby seal for trying to serve poached pears & creme fraiche. You can get away with that crap at a 49'ers tailgate but not in Chicago.

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          1. re: sugarbuzz

            I was surprised Richard Dent didn't give him more cr&p! That dish was just lame for a tailgate?????

            Did anyone else thing Nikki could have gotten away fine with using already made sausage if her dish had been together? I mean, who doesn't make sure they have enough of everything to serve the JUDGES????? Hello!!!

          2. Did Zoi die in an IED attack in Iraq or did she leave the show for being a lame-o?? The spirit of Zoi lives on!

            Was the guest chef for the tailgate introduced at all??

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            1. re: Minger

              Yes, the guest chef was introduced. Paul Kahan is Chef/Owner of both Avec and Blackbird, and Stephanie (a Chicago chef) had a comment that she loves both restaurants.