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Apr 16, 2008 07:10 PM

In-N-Out Fries Well Done

For the first time recently I asked for my fries "well done" at "In-N-Out" and they arrived on my tray tasting like potato sticks. I thought they would be soft in the middle but with a crispier outer shell. Having nothing to compare my experience to, were these fries TOO well done?

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  1. Yes.

    If one doesn't like the "normal' fries at In-N-Out, just don't order them. I'm not a fan of their fries myself and find it's better to save the room and calories for either a milkshake or another burger ...

    1. Well done fries at InO are a gamble. Sometimes they come out right...sometimes not. Not a fan but well done are better then the regular fries. Either way you have to eat them right away or not bother.

      1. I am very impressed by so much at In-n-Out -- the limited menu, the friendly service, the excellent low-priced burgers (to me, the secrets are the toasty buns, the nice ratio of cheese, and the fresh off the grill though overdone thin patties). I really like In-n-Out, and I really enjoy having fries with my burger. But I will admit and concede and regret that they haven't found the answer to their fries.

        Maybe the fresh-cut really isn't an advantage -- after all, isn't there a huge controversy about The French Laundry or Per Se using frozen potatoes for theirs? In my experience, In-n-Out's regular fries are too limpy and bland to be even worth the calories, and I'll agree that when you order them crispy or welldone, they are much improved but too much like those old canned potato sticks. Maybe their shoestrings are just too thin -- I think they might even be thinner than McD's, which are frozen so the middles can stand up to longer frying to crisp up the outsides.

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          And the type of potato they use for their fries. Kennibutt or something like that? Has anyone heard of these? Are they available at a standard grocer?

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            I have to agree about the fries. I'm a BIG In-n-Out fan but the fries have always been the one part of the experience that I would change if I could. I think it must be either the size/shape of the potatoes themselves or the machine they cut them with because they're annoyingly small. Certainly not enough of a problem to spoil the attraction, but annoying.

          2. I actually like the fries only if they are well done at In-N-Out. If they are done correctly, they are delicious, crispy with soft centers. But, sometimes they can be too overdone. Usually if I go and they are totally swamped (as opposed to their normal "swamped") then I just skip the fries.

            1. That's how I like my fries: too well done. But when I order fries "well done", 75% of the time they come out golden on the outside, soft on the inside and 25% too well done.

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              1. re: OCAnn

                You can order them "extra well done" also. Try them animal style... yum.

                1. re: Oh Robin

                  That's the only way I'll do the fries... Well Done Animal Style. Otherwise the well done fries tend to turn into plastic when they get cold... :P