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Apr 16, 2008 06:59 PM

Have Alphonso mangoes hit NY?

aNYONE HAVE A SOURCE WITHIN THE nyc AREA for alphonso mangoes?

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    1. They must be here. I got a box at the Indian grocer in Englewood, NJ today on the way to my parents' house. If they're in NJ, they must be in NY. Sorry, don't know where though. Jackson Heights is where I'd look though. Go there and ask around at the groceries.

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        1. re: bigfresser

          Honestly, I haven't tried them yet. In the box, they seem like they need another couple days before they're perfect to eat. Unfortunately, I'm leaving town for two weeks tomorrow am and so, will have to ask my parents how they were and then let you know. (My dad said, "You're leaving tomorrow? Too bad.")

        2. re: Arctic Rose

          Excellent! Indian mangoes, already? I got some at Patel Brothers (37-27 74th St.) in Queens last year. They weren't out with the other produce, we had to ask for them. They were $30/case. This was mid-to-late May of last year but the Indian mangoes were only "unveiled" officially on May 1, 2007, so they were already well into mango season already.

          This article says Alphonso and Kesar mangoes made it to Chicago on April 9-10:

          "Between April 9-10 about 1,080 boxes of Alphonso and Kesar mangoes weighing 3800 kg has been dispatched to Chicago. Also 1,275 boxes of same mangoes weighing 4,460 kg has been sent to New York and 420 boxes of mangoes weighing 1,470 kg destined for Atlanta."

          I hope the price of imported Indian mangoes doesn't shoot up too much; the news reports that cold weather have reduced production this year:

          1. re: kathryn

            Sounds about right. I paid $40 for the box of alphonsos. You do have to be in the know and ask for them from behind the counter. True.