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Apr 16, 2008 05:35 PM

Tasty and good drinks, mid range, any kind of food near Broadway-Lafayette station?

Anything is fine, as long as I can get in with no reservation or a last minute one, and decent cocktails are required. The closest thing I can think of is Jane on Houston, but it's a little bit of a walk. Anything nearer that anyone can recommend? Moderately priced would be great (no $30 entrees, please).


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    1. What day of the week, and what time are you arriving?

          1. re: 180macd

            I think Chinatown Brasserie is relatively close by as well - I've had a couple of good cocktails there, and if the OP orders relatively carefully, should be fine in terms of price range.

          2. Nolita House! Two for one drinks and good food with a reasonable price....Hmmm never had a cocktail there though.