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Apr 16, 2008 05:24 PM

Getting Mucke's hotdogs to central florida

I moved to central florida form conn. about 7 yrs back. I have not been able to find a hotdog to match mucke's. I would LOVE to find someone to ship (prepaid) Mucke's to Auburndale,Florida. Probably a 3 pound box,next day mail. Sumner

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  1. find out where they are made and ship Fed Ex overnight

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    1. re: irwin

      They are made in northern Hartford on Main St. When I called them inquiring about buying direct, off the loading dock, they said they don't sell to consumers. That was maybe 6 mo. ago - but I'm sure it's probably still the same. Although, it's worth the shot to call and find out.
      (860) 246-5609

    2. Dry ice. You'll probably have to buy more than 3 pounds though. Never heard of Mucke's, but there's a company in Syracuse NY with the best dogs I've ever tasted, that ships them with dry ice, using DHL. They require a 20lb minimum order - 2 10lb boxes. Some kind of process they use that works.

      Hofmann Sausage Co
      6196 Eastern Ave, Syracuse, NY

      1. They come in 5 lb. boxes. Try South Side meat market in Bristol, CT; ask for Steven Gallant to ship them UPS (860) 582-4143.