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Apr 16, 2008 05:08 PM

If you liked Pacific Buffet in Framingham...

...where have you been going since PB closed? What restaurant in MetroWest is most like PB in your experience? and have you found any place with good curried wontons?

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  1. Hi,

    PB was decent when it first opened, although the last time I went, it had really gone downhill and I never went back. Probably why it closed not long after.

    Anyway, after that, I discovered Minado, which is a Japanese buffet place in the Sherwood Plaza. It's a bit different in that it's Japanese and has things like an extensive sushi offering. I'm not a huge fan of buffet places, but this is great. The food is fresh and very tasty. They make it in very small batches and it's not sitting out for long. It's also a very reasonable price for all you can eat sushi. Unfortunately, they don't have curried wontons on the menu, though.

    1. I actually like Miando as well. It's a good place for people who are interested in trying Sushi for the first time. They have a nice assortment of salads of which I especially enjoy the the seafood salad with octopus. They also have a good assortment of more familiar American/Asian dishes.

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      1. re: Pegmeister

        I have never tried sushi but my aunt & uncle love it. Does Minado have fresh quality sushi? I was thinking of taking them to Minado for lunch. The weekday lunch buffet is $15 a person. Is the food worth it? I would stick with the American/Asian dishes but I'm sure my aunt & uncle will get the sushi. Has anyone been to Minado in Natick recently? If so, how was the food at the lunch buffet?

        1. re: buffet king

          I think Minado has good and fresh sushi. We go often when we have large groups from work. Its a huge place with lots of seating. I find the hot food fairly mediocre, although there are a few dishes there that I like. The salads are great. Its definitely worth the $15.

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            For the Sushi, you can choose from a wide variety of basic rolls, which are made and put out on the buffet. You can also ask for hand rolls, which the chefs will make to order. All of it is fresh and tasty. I do agree that the hot dishes, while good, are definitely less of a draw for me than the sushi and the cold salads, which are fantastic. Also, the beef tataki and the salmon tataki, which I can make a meal out of just by themselves.

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              Since buffet_king was asking about lunch, it might be useful to mention that I don't think they do hand rolls at lunch, only at the more expensive dinner times. There are a few other differences between the lunch and dinner menus, with additional choices at dinner.

            2. re: buffet king

              It's my understanding that the sushi is replaced every fifteen minutes, at least that's what the waiter told me. When I was there it was constantly being consumed and replaced. Everything is clearly labeled for those who are unfamiliar. I defininitely think the $15 per person price is worth it. I also enjoyed their green tea cakes and they had plenty of fresh fruit to end the meal.

          2. i loved PB and have not been able to find a place quite like it, they had pretty decent food with a good price. minado looks great but also pricey. i was wondering if there were any other chinese buffets anyone would recommend in or around boston? thanks everyone.

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            1. re: drinkwaj

              I like the Sunday Night dinner buffet at Bamboo in westford (and possibly other locations).. Everything is very good/fresh, i love the S&P shrimp and the ginger/scallion lobster. excellent quality. They have several locations and also own the Mandarin in reading/westborough.

              Lotus Flower in framingham has a good yet much smaller then PB dinner buffet which i used to go to alot when i lived closer. decent quality.

              PB was good when it 1st opened but quickly went downhill to the point that i wouldnt even go anymore. I probally went 20-30 times while they were open though.

              Hudson Super buffet is decent for seafood. Oysters, clams, crab, shrimp. The chinese food is not the best, about what i remember PB being like.

              Asia Buffet on rt9 has sushi as well. I dont eat sushi so cant vouch for it, got a few decent reviews here. I wasnt impressed by the chinese dishes. Everything was rather cold and not that great when i was there. They claim to have changed things since then, dunno...

              (rin) Tin Tin in Brighton is your basic low $ /quality china buffet place as well. Actually has good fried chicken and mashed potatoes oddly enough..

              Chef Orient on rt 9 does a chinese buffet that again is typical. Nothing exceptional. No crab or sushi on the buffet. They do have tempura

              A friend told me that Great Wall in Bedford has a pretty good buffet. I have not been to it in about 8 years so cant say..

              Yangtzee river in lexington has an interesting chinese/dimsum buffet on sundays thats worth trying at least once.

              Minado looks like a good deal for sushi lovers but i didnt find it worth the $28 price if you didnt eat sushi. Many of the hot items were not that good and cold.

              China Taste in marlborough is a small place in a strip mall with a small lunch only buffet. Very americanized but consistant and fresh. I like their crab rangoons alot and their general gaus chicken is good and different then many places. Very round golf ball sized pieces.

              1. re: hargau

                You have to be the king of buffet.

                I went to Tin Tin buffet first time last month as we had a craving for American Chinese food. I love their saugus wings and boneless spare rib. The price is low and they have free drinks! My hubby told me that they are here before his birth. Maybe it explans why they can survive that long. The downside is they don't look very clean.

                I had only been to Pacific Buffet once and I never returned. SInce then, I had visited Hudson, MInado and Asia Buffet in the Metro West. Pacific Buffet shall be of the same class with Minado and Asia. I don't care too much about sushi in buffet style but if I have to pick between MInado and Asia for sushi, Asia (only recently as they now make sushi to order) will be my choice.

                1. re: hargau

                  Hargau have you been to the Mandarin Reading recently? I tried the lunch buffet a couple of months ago and while the service was awesome, the food was really really mediocre. They did have "sushi" but with cooked fish. No real attempts for non-Americanized food too. It surprised me with how different it was from Bamboo (which is mostly americanized and the sushi is pretty, but stingy on fish) and I also had remembered it being better.

                  While Fuloon is much better for its a la carte, the lunch buffet is better than folks have posted here. It is mostly Americanized, but there is usually a nice S+P dish, some sticky rice and bean things, and another authentic dish or two. They do not appear to refill the dishes much, though, so you really need to be there between 11:45 and 12:15 or it goes way downhill. I am still planning to try their Dim Sum buffet (the skins on the lunch wontons are a bit thick) and haven't seen any reviews of that here.

                  1. re: itaunas

                    I have never been to any bamboo or mandarin except for the Westford one. I assumed they were all similar and had heard good reviews of the mandarin. I have never had a bad buffet meal at Bamboo Westford. I find the regular menu to be a bit overpriced though.

              2. Just my 2 cents on Minado. General disclaimer is that I don't like buffets - 99% of the time it's all you can eat mediocre food at best IMO. Minado is one that is tolerable for me, and it offers reasonable sushi if you want a buffet sushi experience. Quality is not great, and Minado would never satisfy a real sushi craving of mine, but it's overall food choices are better than average. They do seem to come up with new offerings each time I've gone, always with one or two tasty items I'll eat, so I appreciate that. I think Minado can be a recommended place if you enjoy sushi, but not so much if you plan on only counting on their non-sushi food.

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                1. re: kobuta

                  Is there a better place for a Chinese/Japanese lunch buffet other than Minado? I would stick with the Chinese/Asian choices but my aunt and uncle would get the sushi and the Chinese/Asian items. The lunch menu shows plenty of appetizers, fried rice, salads and other items.

                  1. re: buffet king

                    I really like the buffet at the Bamboo in Dedham attached to the Holiday Inn. I stick to the asian dishes but they do have sushi, too; they do have Japanese items on the menu not sure if they are on the buffet as I always take it to go.

                    1. re: bakerboyz

                      The dinner buffet at bamboo in Westford has sushi, veggie tempura, and usually some sort of japanese teriyaki sorta app. The rest is chinese. I tend to eat mostly the salt and pepper fried shrimp and the ginger/scallion lobster there. But its all good.

                      1. re: bakerboyz

                        You guys make me want to try Bamboo. Check their website:
                        and their pictures are deceivingly good.

                        What are the price for the weekend dinner and lunch buffet?

                        1. re: sheila

                          I have only had their buffet during the week during the day (I work next door); I take it in a take out container and it is good for two dinners; it was $9.95 but just increased 50 cents. Don't think they have a weeknight buffet but you may want to call about the weekends and the cost.

                          1. re: bakerboyz

                            They only have a dinner buffet on Sunday night and i think they only do the lunch during the week. I forget the price of the sunday dinner, i want to say its around $18-20ish? I go to the westford one, im the guy filling whole plates up with lobster! Its pretty much always the same. Choice of soups wonton, eggdrop, hot & sour and miso. I always get the hot & sour, they put alot of sesamee oil on top, different then most. Basic apps like crab rangoon, boneless ribs, chicken fingers, spring rolls, wings. About 4 steamers of dimsum, hargau, etc.. S&P shrimp, Lobster, lo mein, rice, mussles, general gaus, veggie tempura, a beef dish, pork dish, etc.. Then there is the sushi section which has various maki and sushi and i think salad? and 2 kinds of ice cream. Usually green tea and ginger. Couple not very good generic pastry desserts, jello and oranges.

                          2. re: sheila

                            I have been going to Bamboo in Bedford for their lunch buffet. I think it's around $10.50 a person. Bamboo in Bedford is right down the road from the Burlington Mall. It's located on the Bedford/Burlington line. I used to go to Mandarin Reading until I tried Bamboo. I like the food better at Bamboo in Bedford. They are owned by the same family but Bamboo has a larger selection of items on their lunch buffet.

                            Bamboo-Bedford Fine Asian
                            213 Burlington Rd, Bedford, MA 01730

                            1. re: buffet king

                              In Woburn/128 Area, I think Mandarin is good quality. Non fish sushi, but not bad. American Chinese but not bad quality also. Have tried dinner once, same stuff except lobster which is hit and miss because everyone goes for it.

                              Also FOR LUNCH only in area is China Pearl in Woburn, same quality but no sushi. Also Far East which is pretty greasy but they do have dim sum buffet on weekends. Again, not as good as dim sum, but if you are looking to try lots for cheap, not bad.

                              Incidentally, the best one I found was East Manor when it first opened. Lunch had decent dim sum and roast duck, S&S shrimp which is all I loaded up on. Dinner had peking duck, lobster, crab and shrimp and peaches. I heard they have fondue now.

                              I thought Fuloon was gross although they didn't have szechuan dishes. I liked Peking Gourmet better when it was there a few years ago.

                              Also, was in Bedford, walked in and out of Great Wall. Didn't see too much of dim sum selection so walked out. Still looking for a dim sum buffet if anyone knows of a decent one?

                              FYI, I am Chinese and my parents owned a Chinese restaurant in Canada. Still looking for authentic buffets to load up on my cravings, but every once in a while get a craving for the American stuff (My brother and I call it luap sup buffet!)

                              1. re: cdoobiest

                                East Manor closed years ago.. Then opened as Jin which has also since closed. Now its New Weylous or something like that.

                                Only dimsum buffets i know are Yangtzee River in lexington, ok stuff on buffet, includes items off of 3-4 carts as well. The quality of the cart stuff isnt all that great but it is cheap/all you can eat. Also in Framingham there is Oriental Pearl which has a dim sum buffet, used to be good, i heard it has gone way down hill since.

                                1. re: hargau

                                  Fuloon claims to offer a Dim Sum buffet Sat & Sun, 11:30-2:30, for just under $10. I don't know anybody who has been yet so have no idea of the

                                  I hadn't heard of Jin changing its name to New Weylou's (they certainly haven't transferred the licenses). They did try running a night club for a while, something they promised the City they wouldn't do, but then went back to food. They were offering a hot-pot oriented buffet on weekends. BTW, I had their a la carte Dim Sum when they opened which was pretty comparable to China Pearl in Woburn, afterwards on the buffet it really suffered.