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Apr 16, 2008 04:50 PM

BBQ off of 10 between NO and Pensacola?

Leaving New Orleans tomorrow morning to drive to Pensacola with some friends. Never been through the south before and am CRAVING some good BBQ. I'd love to stop at the Brick Pit in Mobile but it's a little too far off of the route for my non-foodie companions. Anyone have any suggestions for some place a little closer to the fwy? Doesn't have to be in Mobile, really anywhere along the interstate works.


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  1. In that area folks would be thrilled to drive 100 miles to get to the Brick Pit,or Saucey Q.

    If the few mins off the Interstate is a problem,I'd suggest looking for a billboard for Sonny's at an exit.

    The friends could also get the full salad bar,if that suited them.

    Good Luck


    1. If you go North on 65 for a few miles when you get to Mobile, Dreamland BBQ is worth the few extra miles.

      1. Dick Russell's BBQ in Tillman's Corner right outside of Mobile has pretty good BBQ. Try the fried pickles.