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Anson Mills Grits at Boulette's Larder

Are these the grits that take 90 minutes or the ones that take 30 minutes or so? They look liek the longer cooking ones.

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  1. I'd call and ask, but if they're not labeled "quick grits," I'd presume they're the coarse that take long cooking.

    These pictures might help:


    1. Yes I called - she didn't know for sure, but said they probably weren't the quick ones.

      1. They're long cooking, and they're absolutely delicious.

        1. We've split some replies that were about recipes for long cooking grits into a separate thread on our Home Cooking board. That thread can be found hre: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/510196

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            That thread also has discussion of buying mail-order direct from Anson Mills.

          2. I picked up some a couple months ago. Boulette's has the longer cooking grits - more coarse and larger particle size - these do need to be cooked longer to get the right tenderness. They also have many other Anson Mills products.

            You can get finer ground Anson Mills grits at Rainbow, but not the coarse grits.

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              Does Rainbow have other Anson Mills products? Like the buckwheat flour or the polenta integrale perhaps?

            2. Can anyone supply details as to package size and price?

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                From their website:

                FROM ANSON MILLS
                buckwheat flour 8.00 lb
                cornmeal coarse 7.00 lb
                toasted corn flour 8.00 lb
                focaccia flour 7.00 lb
                whole wheat biscuit flour 5.00 lb
                carolina gold rice 7.00 lb
                white grits 7.00 lb
                yellow grits 7.00 lb
                polenta integrale 10.00 lb


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                  You can actually order from Anson Mills rather than buying it from Boulette's Larder.

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                    You can, but the minimum order on the Anson Mills website is 4 - 12 oz bags, so if you only want a small amount, you have to get it at Boulette's. http://www.ansonmills.com/products-pa...

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                      Plus the shipping is very expensive unless you purchase I believe 65 lbs. I love corn, but i odn't have the freezer space for that much!

                2. I heard a rumor Anson Mills will be moving some or all of its business operations out to the Bay Area, since we've become such an important market for them. Anyone else have any details?