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Apr 16, 2008 04:24 PM

Monterrey: wine shopping

I am in search of a good wine shop in Monterrey or the surrounding area. I will need to stock up on a month's supply of wine for an upcoming stay in Carmel. I am looking for a nice selection of wines in the price range of about $15 - $40. I prefer smaller producers, but I am not looking for anything too hard-to-come-by. Thanks and Cheers!

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  1. We bring ours with us as we can buy it cheaper at home and we drive. Don't know where you are, so if you're flying it could be a problem. I know of 2 wine shops in Carmel. One is in Neilson's Market and the other is in the Carmel Plaza. There is a huge Safeway in the Crossroads shopping center that also has a large wine selection. Prices might be better in Monterey or Pacific Grove. Others will have to help you there.

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      Thanks for the response, Gail. We are driving from Phoenix with two large dogs, so no room for wine! I have found the wine shops in Carmel to be pretty small and specialized and/or very pricey. We are planning on making a trip into Monterrey to stock up on some basic grocery items and wine, thinking that we will find a broader selection and better prices.

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        Hey, rather than shop in Monterey if you staying in Carmel, the Safeway has recently been redone and is huge with great choices of food and wine. Check it out first before you decide to go to Monterey. You can also get a Safeway card for discounts. BTW the Whole Foods in Monterey is so crowded. I went there once, never again. Hope you have a great time in my favorite place in California!

    2. Rancho Cellars has a very good selection as does Nielsen Market.

      The Cheese Shop (must be the one that Gail is talking about) is in the Carmel Plaza and has a very good selection of wines. Might be pricey.

      Across the street on Mission is the restaurant Bouchee and they sell their wine list to the retail passersby. It used to be a good deal, but I don't know if the prices haven't change as they have changed chefs and themes recently. But check the web site.

      In the Pine Inn on one of the side streets is a retail shop called Southern Latitudes (or something like that) where they specialize in wines from down under and that region.

      Whole Foods has a good list, but Safeway in Carmel is probably better (in price certainly...they give a case discount with 6 bottles of any hooch and often have cascading discounts).

      In Salinas is Zeph's One Stop and if you are driving you might be passing through Salinas on the way in to Carmel.

      There are some small liquor stores where you can get some good wines, but not the cheapest.

      Zeph's One Stop
      1366 S Main St, Salinas, CA

      Rancho Cellars
      26340 Carmel Rancho Blvd, Carmel, CA

      Bouchee Wine Merchants
      Mission St Carmel CA, Mission St Carmel, CA

      Southern Latitudes Wines
      Lincoln St Carmel CA, Lincoln St Carmel, CA

      Cheese Shop
      Ocean Ave and Junipero Ave, Carmel, CA

      Nielsen Brothers Market
      7th Ave, Carmel-By-the-Sea, CA 93923

      1. Oh, hollyeve, I forgot to mention, I think there is a Costco in Monterey...good wine selection and prices.

        1. Thanks for the tips. And sorry for misspelling MONTEREY :)