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Apr 16, 2008 04:24 PM

Neiman Marcus Chocolate Chip Cookie

This recipe looks interesting, except I am not a coffee lover. I will likely just make the recipe omitting the coffee, but I was thinking about a creative substitution for the espresso powder (chopped nuts, raisins come quickly to mind). Any other ideas?

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  1. You could just leave them out and not add anything but I love to substitute half health toffee bits for half the chocolate chips. I usually adjust the flour somewhat to account for the added fat of the toffee bits so the cookies don't spread too much. Not much, at most a tablespoon more. You could add a little cocoa instead of the espresso, too. This is a great recipe, btw, with the espresso.

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      I like the sound of toffee, good idea. This weekend I will try the above recipe or the Jacques Torres recipe

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        That's a good recipe, too. I prefer the Neiman Marcus one because it's a little chewier but that's a personal preference. I've only made the Jacques Torres one w/ whole wheat pastry flour because it's all I've had, though. It might be a different texture with white.