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Apr 16, 2008 03:58 PM

Richmond - Comfort, now what?

Finally got to Comfort last night and it was indeed fabulous. There were four of us and we ordered a ton (because we wanted to try everything and we didn't know how big it all would be!) and there really wasn't a miss in the bunch. Even the few we didn't love as well were good - just maybe not the orderers favorite.
Starters: we tried them all it seemed. Shrimp and grits were a standout - amazing and very different. Fried green tomatoes were perfectly executed. I confess to liking the potato cakes - yummy although super filling and fattening. The sausage was very good, but probably our least favorite. Milder/sweeter than expected.
As for the entrees - venison and meatloaf were great. I LOVED my cafish. The steak was a steak.
Sides: The fired okra and beets were super yummy. The greens and brussel sprouts were both good (but different and both vinegary - I shouldn't have paired them!) The sweet potato puree was a good version - I bet it'd be great with the pork. Creamed spinach was excellent. Green beans were very good but not the southern style expected. Scalloped potatoes were a big hit. Mac'n'cheese was mixed. I liked it as a creamy side to crunchy fried catfish and the vinegar-y greens wth a kick. Hubby thought they were too bland and needed more of a cheese flavor. But he was eating the steak.
Dessert: we were STUFFED despite bringing home a lot of leftovers but the banana pudding was insanely amazing.
Oh and the wines/beers/bourbons were great too. Other than a bit loud everything was perfect. Walked around a bit in the area first which was nice too. Got to see a bunch of places I'd heard off.

So now where should I go on Friday? Still want to do interesting but since my hubby didn't pick this one (he's the super boring eater - meat, potatoes, spicy!) and definitely enjoyed it the least, I want something he'll love... TIA

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  1. This is a hard one for me, as Dh and I are both pretty adventerous. He has a sister in Louisville who is a boring eater and I'm trying to think of places we've taken her here that she loves (she loves Comfort). One place that is great for steaks is The North Pole on Route 6 in Goochland. It's a true roadside steakhouse, but the have IMO the best steaks in Richmond and while it's not fancy they make their own salad dressings, etc. and have great onion rings, steamed shrimp, etc. It is a bit pricy. Another place to consider of the Old City Bar near the Farmer's Market and the Old Original Bookbinders at Tobacco Row.

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    1. re: Janet from Richmond

      I think he'd like Bookbinder's or The North Pole. I think he'd do Edo's or Mamma Zu which we still have to do. I doubt Karsen's or Verbena or the like do a ton for him. He loves indian but we do that quite a bit. Thanks!

      1. re: AMFM

        I'm sometimes the voice of dissention on this, but I recommend Edo's head and shoulders over Mamma Zu. They take reservations (and credit cards) and give service a much higher priority than MZ.

        We had a GREAT meal at Sensi last night....we shared a Veal Chop and a plate of carbonara and some veggies and a dessert trio.

        1. re: Janet from Richmond

          So after reservations at Bookbinders because my hubby likes nothing interesting i got him to stop in for wine at sensi first. well, without a website he couldn't see the menu so he didn't know he'd like it but (as i figured) there was plenty there to make him happy. we started with wine (i had a lovely french white by the glass) and the calamari and the goat cheese stuffed artichoke hearts. both were great although the calamari was markedly salty - i like it but could see it bothering someone else. noticed the sea salt mixed in the butter (excellent) with very good bread as well. we were enjoying sitting at the bar so we canceled our reservations and stayed there.
          split an excellent bottle of wine - blanking right now and with no online menu to look it up... anyway, i had a half portion of the risotto - lemon basil with 2 seared scallops. the scallops were good, but again a bit salty (i kept thinking - i wonder if they changed the type of sea salt they are using and it's just stronger than expected, it was very obviously that sea salt quality taste) but the risotto was AMAZING. would have licked the plate had i been in private. my husband's NY strip was fabulous too. cooked perfectly and wonderful quality. i don't usually like steak and i wanted to eat more. only disappointment was the salad which was over dressed with a sweet thick balsamic that i didn't love - but also didn't seem to match the menu description at all.

          they were nearly empty though on a friday night which i thought was sad. it was certainly pricey but worth it - we'd go back. thanks for the rec - this one definitely flies under the radar.

          1. re: AMFM

            I am pimping the place as much as possible because I think it's a true unsung hero in Richmond (and I have no connection to the place, I promise). I had never had a veal chop until I shared one with Dh last Tuesday night (we also shared a plate of carbonara) and he had a side of green beans and potatoes and I had asparagus and we shared a wonderful trio of desserts.

            1. re: Janet from Richmond

              won't work for the happy hour i need to plan, but will definitely talk it up. was a hit among many misses when i first moved to town. would definitely take visitors. it's nice for those who like simpler food too (since i'm often eating with them!)

    2. thanks for this! comfort it is for next Friday.

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      1. re: LiberalFoodie

        hope you enjoy and have a great weekend. FYI, there is a free "Friday night Cheers" concert that night starting at 6 on Brown's Island (on the canal downtown). Looks like reggae. If the weather's nice it can be a fun free event to start the weekend. Especially if you have later reservations.

        1. re: AMFM

          great. I saw the details for Friday night Cheers. Sounds like a lot of fun. We'll be there! :)

          Thank you for providing details on food and entertainment

          1. re: LiberalFoodie

            hopefully it won't rain! we have an outdoor thing too. check and for other things to do before and after you eat. hope you like comfort.

            1. re: AMFM

              I am not familiar with Richmond, especially the downtown. Since we're staying at the Marriott on Broad St. do you have recommendations for street parking? (Safe area?) The valet at the hotel is shockingly expensive. Thanks

              1. re: LiberalFoodie

                Parking in downtown Richmond is not a fun experience. It's a lot of seeking out and paying for decent parking.

                1. re: Janet from Richmond

                  yeah but compared to other cities it's REALLY reasonable when you find it. There are a lot of lots - but I don't know how long you can park there.

                  1. re: AMFM

                    I agree - and it's all relative. My husband and I laugh at how easy it is to find parking in this town - most of the time anyway. If you can't find street-parking, there's always a $5 lot around.

      2. it was lovely last night liberalfoodie - hope you had fun!