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Apr 16, 2008 03:39 PM

SEA recommendations?

Planning a few days in Seattle in June. Love good, local food, original presentation (i.e. Higgins in Porland). Can you recommend restaurants for lunch, dinner?

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  1. Matt's in the Market for upscale dining. Bizzarro for local food. Everything at Bizzarro comes to the restaurant from 300 miles away or less.

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    1. re: firecracker

      Try Tilth in wallingford. The chef is up for a james beard. Union downtown and Lark for interesting menu.

      1. re: bluedog67

        I agree with Tilth, Matts,Lark, plus Sitka & Spruce and Crush. I think Tilth is my favorite of these right now, but it changes regularly.

    2. Elemental is definitely original and great if you are the sort to "go with the flow." Just don't ask Phred what he's pouring.

      1. You definitely want to go to Lark, don't miss it if you are into Higgins. I would also add Cafe Juanita as a second choice. Matt's in the Market and Sitka and Spruce to round the list off.

        1. Laughing at "don't ask Phred what he is pouring" comment. I was there last night and while waiting for a table (at 4:30), struck up a conversation with a few others waiting. I asked if they had been there before. All said no. I gave them the same advice...don't ask and just let Phred handle everything. We had about 8 courses plus cheese and sweets. Loved the goat cheese soufle, roasted lamb with parsnip latkes and cheesecake with thai basil. My other bit of advice, take a cab. There is a lot of good wine in the 2-3 hours you'll be there and you may not be able to drive home.