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Apr 16, 2008 02:55 PM

Lunch on Central? (Phoenix, AZ)

I need to have a lunch meeting on Central next week. Any options other than Durant's?


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  1. Aiello's just N. of Camelback.

    1. Cheuvront just S. of McDowell.

      1. Switch is just about next to Durant's. Pino's on Thomas and 1st Ave.


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        1. re: barry

          I'll second Pino's. They have calzones to die for. And China Chili (which used to be on Central) is on 3rd ave and Virginia--worth the very short drive.

        2. Coranado Cafe (Just N of McDowell off 3rd St)

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          1. re: amy30

            actually coronodo cafe's on 7th street

          2. Alexi's Grill on Central just north of Osborn

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            1. re: fledflew

              Second Alexi's-they do fish like no one else

              1. re: lapazlinda

                Third Alexi's. Very good food and service. Also love his other restaurant, Christo's on 7th St.