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Apr 16, 2008 02:21 PM

Flagstaff,AZ.; St. George and Cedar City,UT.

We'll be in these towns during last two weeks of June and would appreciate restaurant recommendations. Looking mainly for dinner spots: fine dining, BBQ, Italian, Chinese/Japanese, Greek, etc. All price ranges. Thanks.

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  1. Flagstaff has Cottage Place for fine dining. The price range is high for Flagstaff but the prices are low compared to PHX and Vegas. The food and service is stellor.

    Brix in Flag is also very good. The menu is a bit more creative than Cottage, but the food is not as well-executed and the service is sporadic.

    1. Not so much to choose from in your UT stops.

      Painted Pony in St. George will be the finest dining option. I've not been, but it gets good reviews. If you've never been to a ChuckARama it might be worth a visit. Uniquely Utah, and a better than average buffet offering.

      Cedar has even less to offer, but there is hope. I am a fan of Sullivan's coffee shop (adjacent to their steak place). Food is solid, service as well, and there's a nice salad bar available. For a really good green chile cheeseburger head for Top Spot, a funky little drive-in place.


        Quite a few places discussed here about Flagstaff dining.

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          I second the rec for Painted Pony in St George on Main. I've had both lunch and dinner there and was very happy both times.

        2. We were in Flagstaff about 2 years ago and there was a local brewery... I think called Beaver Street Brewery that was excellent. Definitly worth a stop!