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Apr 16, 2008 02:17 PM

Brand New Kitchen (all star appliances)

Long story short, I'm going to be renovating the kitchen at a new house I'm moving into this fall.

We've decided to go with the All-Star approach to the kitchen.

Sub-Zero fridge, Viking Oven, Miele dishwasher, and Broan Hood and an advantium (240).

Granite counter top, and a whole lot of cabinets.

Last things to figure out, what kind of convection toaster oven should we get? Deep fat fryer? should it be built in, or stand alone, what's the best ones?

What about warming drawers? good idea or bad?

What else should I add? I'm also going to be adding an outdoor kitchen area later on, for BBQing and stuff, I haven't done the research yet on what the best bbq stuff is, or the best outdoor kitchen set up is. Smoker? etc.

I would really appreciate any feedback and ideas, and am open to any suggestions?

p.s. I'm also thinking of adding a meat slicer, not sure if thats a good idea or not.

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    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Lots of folks on the web are not big fans of SubZero or Viking. Some folks think Miele gets trumped by Asko or a commercial style speed cycle dishwasher. Broan hoods are bested by quite a few others. Advantiums are not the slickest multi-wave ovens by a long shot.

        In talking to people who've but in warming drawers I'd say 75% use it so infrequently they if had to do over it wouldn't be on their list, but the 25% that do use are using it 4-5 times a week and plan it into their regular routine.

        If not you might want to scale back a bit.
        Built in deep fryer???? A meat slicer? I've heard that there are prosciutto aficionados that buy 'em but I have never seen anyone that really wants such a beast around all the time.

        What's a convection toaster. I was kidding about that link to the $700 conveyor belt toaster -- that thing needs a commercial plug, good luck getting the building inspector to OK that...

        Three questions:

        How big is your house? How big is your budget? How long are going to stay?

        If the answers: "about 3k sq ft" " I decided to spend the money on the kitchen instead of his & hers Lambroghinis" and "until they pry it from my cold dead hands" then go for it!

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          I would also question the all-star status of Sub-zero and Viking. There are better choices out there.

          1. re: renov8r

            I've got a pretty big budget on this, which is why I am going all out.

            That said, we kind of lucked out in that the contractor we are going to use happens to have a second an inspector, Its safe to say that we are going to be "compliant" (one way or another).

            The house is going to be big, and we are planning on a long term stay, so we want to go all out on all top of the line stuff.

            The convection toaster oven is just something that seems to fit in, but the meat slicer is something I am big on, I'm kind of like a aficionado on that. I really do get into that stuff.