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Apr 16, 2008 02:08 PM

Should I wash knife after honing?

After I hone a knife on a sharpening steel, do I need to wash the knife? Are there any microscopic bits of metal or other sort of residue left on the knife?

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  1. Yeah there would be microscopic bits but if this bothers you then wash.

    1. I have no idea if there really are little bits of something, but I always wash and dry my knives after honing. It takes just a few seconds and I figure, better safe than sorry.

      1. Oh, there's definitely stuff left behind. If you have a wooden cutting board, you can make a tiny cut in an edge of the board and run the knife through it to see what it leaves behind. That said, it's such a small amount that I don't know if there's a compelling reason to clean it other than knowing it's clean.

        1. I always just wipe my knife blade on a towel after honing - any bits should be taken care of. But: honing has more to do with alignment of the blade edge; if you are sharpening and actually removing metal, do the the same wipe, but perhaps ask what sharpeners do, to be sure. (My methods with the sharpening stone may be unorthodox.)

          1. I always wipe w/ towel. You can see/smell a small bit of steel residue from the blade. Takes only a sec.

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              I have always wiped my knife w/ a side towel after steeling. If I think I need more I would dip it in sanitizing solution and then wipe again.