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Apr 16, 2008 01:59 PM

Harissa- Give me your best recipes using this lovely stuff


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  1. I've made a recipe that's oil-cured olives mixed with harissa (not much of a recipe, I guess, but still good).

    A restaurant that I go to serves french fries with a dipping sauce that's half aioli and half harissa--you can mix them together as you go. The harissa they use is really mild, though, not like the sinus-clearing variety I really like.

    1. I made this during the week, and it makes for a good lunch staple that's mighty low in calories, minus the toasts. Even with the toasts, still pretty good !

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        Paula Wolfert has a wonderful Tunisian chickpea and harissa soup in her book Mediterranean Cooking.

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          Actually i had a breakfast of chickpeas with harissa not too long ago when i was craving some spicy carbs on a weekend...i just fried up some onions, tossed in chickpeas and some harissa, and i think i finished it with a bit of feta. I'm sure i may have tossed in a few other things, but this was a mighty good breakfast, although not necessarily everyone's cup of tea. I'm a savory kind of girl.