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Apr 16, 2008 01:38 PM

Hockey Playoffs?

Hi folks,

Does anyone know where I might go to watch the hockey playoffs, enjoy a cold one, and maybe even find some good eats? I adore Texas but this time of the year's a bit rough for a displaced Canuck.


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    1. re: rudeboy

      I really hate to recommend this place as I had such a negative experience there a few weeks back (see the fish & chips thread) but Bagpipes on Research has TVs everywhere and they will put any game you want on any one of the TVs. I saw one of the mgrs put the Bruins game on for a table.

      Not too many hockey fans here in Austin. Let's Go Rangers!

      1. re: nypb

        Hmm... I may check out Bagpipes since it's much closer to where I live. The servers make me really uncomfortable, honestly, but at this point I'd do anything to catch the game.

        thanks to you both.

        1. re: coco_beware

          Sure hope you're not rootin' for the Sens coco .....

          Third Base is not a bad option for bar-grub. I'm hoping they'll have games on. I like those philly cheesesteak eggrolls !

    2. I was at Champions downtown last night and they had hockey on. They're pretty accomodating to customer requests for games. They have the $2 mystery beer all the time (it was Ziegen Bock last night by my best estimation). They have a pretty standard bar food menu, but it's not bad.

      1. more importantly, where can I find a Flyers game down here?

        1. Anybody found any new recommendations for tonight's Stanley Cup Final? Especially tough because it is competing with the NBA Eastern Conference Final (Game 7).

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          1. re: Pmd669

            Cover 3 had TVs on for both Spurs/Thunder game 6 and King/Devils Game 4 last Wednesday. Considering there's no basketball today they should have a lot of their TVs on the Stanley Cup Final game.