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Apr 16, 2008 01:30 PM


Could anyone tell me if ramps are already available in the markets and whether you have seen them in the greater boston area menus. Any details are appreciated! Thanks!

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  1. I've seen them on the menu at Highland Kitchen. Last year, I saw some for sale at Formaggio Kitchen.

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    1. re: uman

      HK had a spec'l on the board of pork belly w/roasted ramps & asparagus last week.

    2. Russo's brings in a lot of Ramps, I think mostly from the South and they do have some now. In the past I have foraged them in Vermont, a bit later in the season... and I think some of those show up at farmer's markets at the beginning of the season.

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      1. re: itaunas

        I saw Ramps at Russos this past weekend. They were in the Chinese produce area right next to the snap peas and snow peas for some reason.

        1. re: PinchOfSalt

          When they have fiddleheads they usually put them in that spot near the snow peas & such as well. When the ramps aren't there, they're sometimes in that little back room with the *other* Asian produce, back near the discounted produce racks (across from broccoli, etc.)

          1. re: Allstonian

            The fiddleheads and ramps were across from the leeks and greens at Russo's last week, where the Chinese long beans usually live.

      2. I saw them at Savenor's Monday... the Cambridge store.

        1. I had some at Small Plates in Harvard Sq. last week. The Butcher Shop, rumor has it, also has them on the menu.

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          1. re: sailormouth

            I'll see what I can find for growing them in upstate Pa. Will post results.Should be easy to grow.

          2. I'm not sure what markets have them or where they're coming from, but I will say that local ramps are definitely ready to dig! I scrounged up a few pounds this past weekend...

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            1. re: celeriac

              Verrill Farms has them in Concord.

              Verrill Farm
              11 Wheeler Rd, Concord, MA, MA 01742

              1. re: cannedmilkandfruitypebbles

                Yep. Just saw a big basket of them in the covered porchlike area before you enter the main store At Verrill's. Nice looking fiddleheads too.