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Apr 16, 2008 01:25 PM

Recs MontCo to East Stroudsberg?

Taking my HS child for visit to East Stousberg University next midweek in the late afternoon..Any suggestions where to stop for a bite to eat on the way home to Montgomery County (HValley area)?

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  1. If you head south along 611, you can stop for a bite to eat in downtown Easton at Sogo (japanese) or Phenom (thai) I've tried the former and it's decent sushi and some of the special rolls are really good and creative. I'm trying Phenom later in the week, so maybe ask later.
    It's closer to Stroudburg, but if you go down 33 and get off at Belfast (somewhere around exit 28 or so) and go East a couple hundred yards, on the Left is Cafe Del Mar, which is really tasty and low-key Mediterranean food. If you're taking the fast route, I'm not sure what else is really great off of 33, 22 & NE Extension. There are some tasty things in the Stroudsburg area that you may want to look into while you're up there, I was really surprised at the number of places that came up.