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Apr 16, 2008 01:13 PM

Gossip Girl themed potluck

Okay, I just posted another question, but another came to mind! I'm not sure how many readers of this board are familiar with the television show Gossip Girl, but it's returning to television this Monday and my friends are having a potluck to celebrate. My team is supposed to bring a contribution (or multiple, if we get ambitious) inspired by gossip girl. Other groups are bringing contributions inspired by the hills and how i met your mother (the only show mentioned that is actually a good show... i promise, this is mostly ironic). Does anyone who's familiar with the show have any suggestions? I was thinking if all else failed we could go with something classic New York...

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  1. Based on what little I've seen of the show, shouldn't you just show up with some Vicodin and Red Bull?

    1. hte dad on gossip girl makes waffles for the kids. i like the show.....

      1. How about the Gossip Girl "$50 Grilled Cheese Sandwich"?

        1. yogurt on the steps of the met seems to be a recurring theme. so something with yogurt?

          1. thanks for all the suggestions! we've now been put in charge of entrees, so i think that some sort of grilled cheese riff might be cool! i like all of these ideas though. if we were to go grilled cheese, does anyone have any suggestions as to how to make a fancy/more interesting grilled cheese that's maybe less expensive than the truffles version served on the show? thanks again!

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              use a cheese already studded with black truffles. I've had one before but can't remember the name. could also cook the sandwich in black truffle butter.

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                i had one at a dames de escoffier event that was made with homemade pimento cheese in truffle butter. i think they had a thin slice of another cheese in there, due to the stringy/gooey nature. best grilled cheese i ever had.