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Apr 16, 2008 12:50 PM

Coffee - American Roast?

I am trying to find a brand of lightly roasted coffee. I remember reading in Cook's Illustrated a few years ago that the darkest roast is Italian Roast, with the next darkest being French and at the lightest end it was usually called "American". (I may have some of that wrong).

I understand that there is no standard for this stuff, but I do know that I like the lighter roasts.

Can anyone recommend a brand of coffee that I can find at the supermarket or Whole Foods that is on the lightest side?

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  1. Check to see if the stores in your area sell Peet's Coffee. I know they have started to distribute their coffees to grocery stores nationally, and for coffee you can find in stores, it's one of the better brands. Here is a link to their list of different coffees and roasts: and it looks like from their store locater page that there are quite a few grocery stores in PA that sell their coffee.

    Also, here is a nice handy list of different "roast styles" with descriptions: Might help you to track down the type of coffee you like better.

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    1. re: chocolateninja

      Thsnks so much. I will definitely give them a try.

      1. re: DougRisk

        Peet's roasts are very dark as a rule - almost burnt. If you're looking for a light roast I'd look elsewhere.

    2. Here is some basic information about roast levels with photos and descriptions. A review of these 3 sites will give you a good basic understanding of coffee from tree to cup.

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      1. re: scubadoo97

        Yeah, I feel fairly knowledgeable after that Cook's Illustrated article I mentioned...I was really interested in actually finding lightly roasted Coffee. That is, finding it at some market.

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          I was hoping to entice you into home roasting.

          1. re: scubadoo97

            Not right now. I don't even own a grinder. I am putting that off until I after I move.

            Actually, I will probably never be a home-roaster. I usually only drink about 1 cup per day.