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Apr 16, 2008 12:37 PM

Urbana Recommendations?

Despite it being down the street from my apartment, I have yet to eat at Urbana. I finally have a good excuse to meet a friend there next Thursday (April 24th) since they are participating in Dining Out For Life.

I'm not a huge pizza lover, so I was interested in hearing about any other recommendations. I checked out their online menu and their pastas look good. Anything in particular anyone recommends?

You don't here much about Urbana. Still a good choice?

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  1. I actually went there for the last night of Dining out for Life... And I have to say, the Pastas, while good, were incredibly small portions for the price. I'm talking, 6 *small* pieces of ravioli for one full-size portion. Of the two friends I was with, one other ordered pasta, and thank goodness the third ordered a pizza so that we could share and still feel full! :o)
    I enjoyed the meal, but was not at all feeling a return anytime soon.

    1. If you want to check this out, I would stick with this place for happy hour and get one of their sharables apps in the lounge area. Their restaurant is nothing special. I would go to another establishment for Dining Out for Life.

      1. I just went to check out who else is participating in Dining out for Life, and the web site says that it took place in early I missing something?

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          See I thought so. But...and I can't believe I'm admitting this...I went to Ted Allen's website which was talking about Dining Out For Life. There was a link and it led me to a not so wonderful list of participants. The most promising in my price range was Urbana. I'll do some more investigating.

          I get mail from Food and Friends since I donate to them yearly and I thought I remembered it being awhile back because I made a post on Chowhound and it was removed since they don't promote charities or something along those lines. So I'll check on the dates.

          But back to the the happy hour/lounge/shareable menu, unavailable in the dining room?

          1. re: Elyssa

            Annnnd Ted Allen was totally wrong or hasn't updated his info or was refering to another city's event because Dining Out For Life was March 6th!

            Boooooooo! Charity was my excuse for eating out. lol

            So maybe I'll go elsewhere instead since no one seemed thrilled with Urbana. I'll check out their small plates menu, but now I'm thinking I might want to check out Cork or one of the new wine/small plates bar.

            1. re: Elyssa

              Elyssa, i really like Urbana. it's got a really nice atmosphere (cool vibe), it isn't too noisy and the food is pretty decent. They have a really good charcuterie & cheese app and yummy veggie soup. The fish dishes are decent and hubby's steak was good both times we've eaten there. The wine bar is a nice place to sit and have wine & apps...they have really nice comfy couches in the bar area too. If you end up not going for dinner make sure to go for wine & snacks in the bar sometime...